Little House on Clinton

Little House on Clinton
150 Clinton Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205
(718) 237-7780

Chicken and Waffles.An odd combination that’s oh so right.

And oh so good.

I was first exposed to them in California at the famous Roscoe’s House of Chicken’ n Waffles. It was love at first bite.

So obviously I was SUPER EXCITED when Little House on Clinton advertised that they would be serving Chicken and Waffles. When they finally opened I couldn’t wait to give them a try. So plans were made with my friend 1UP and, of course, Lesterhead, and off to dinner at Little House we went.

Upon entering you are very warmly and robustly greeted making you feel immediately at home and comfortable. As Little House is quite small, 3 booths and 2 small tables, we had a bit of a wait but was treated to a couple of mini waffles for our troubles. Mmmmm…

We decided to look over the menu and order our food in hopes that we’ll be seated by the time the food arrives. (We were.) The menu consists mainly of breakfast type fair, some burger selections, Quesadillas (???) and, of course, Chicken and Waffles – all at pretty reasonable prices.

1UP ordered Little House Meal number 2 (4 mini waffles, 1 chicken leg and 1 chicken thigh for $7.49) while Lesterhead ordered the Little House Meal number 1 (4 mini waffles, 4 chicken wings at $6.99). I opted for 12 wings at $7.49 so that I could try serveral of the sauce choices. I chose Jerk, Buffalo and Teriyaki leaving House BBQ and Honey BBQ for next time.

(I know, I know. I didn’t order any waffles. BUT I knew 1UP was gonna hook me up with some of her’s so that I could write up a fair evaluation. Food Review 101: Rule 153 – you’ve got to know your dining companions.)

And, of course, we had to get a side order of (Freedom) Fries.

The Waffles were light, golden brown and DE-licious! A nice fluffy interior with a crisp exterior that holds up to the syrup so that it doesn’t get soggy before it’s time.

The chicken wings were extremely crispy, well breaded and seasoned and very flavorful plain and as is. As for the sauces the Teriyaki was good, the Buffalo was good, the Jerk was better but the best sauce was…maple syrup.


Maple syrup. Squeeze a little on…oh my. Crunchy, sweet, salty…yum!

It’s honestly the best way to eat them and probably what makes Chicken and Waffles such an awesome combination.

The regular chicken pieces were just larger versions of the wings.

The only disappointment was the fries. They were just eh. I think they could’ve been a bit crispier and SALTED. I’ve gripped about this before but I hate it when they don’t salt the fries while they are HOT. Ugh. Salting after the fact…the salt just never sticks to it. Who’s with me on this?
Another minor grip is the lack of an easily accessable bathroom.  After eating sticky waffles and greasy chicken you wanna be able to easily wash your hands and…you can’t.  I hope they clear that up soon.

So, overall, an awesome addition to the nabe.  Good fair at a good price.  If you go and plan on eating there plan on waiting a bit as it’s pretty small inside but as a place for delivery or pickup – AWESOME.

Chicken and Waffles.  Yum. Who would’ve Thunk It?

18 thoughts on “Little House on Clinton

  1. jockomofeeyoday

    Nice review, but the freedom fries joke is beyond over. Actually, it’s cycled through the funny/not-funny thing twice now and won’t be funny again until our children’s children discover it.

    Why use this arena to remind me that my President is a f*ck face and that the world is going to sh#t? – I just wanna read about some eats in the hood. I look to other sites to be reminded of the world’s misery.

    I love your site and read it nearly every day, but let’s move on w/ this one thing. Thanks.

  2. kyle

    i see someone beat me to it. ya sorry but thats making me yawn as well. otherwise thanks for the reviews and the great site though!

  3. The Changeling

    I’m glad that the food was good and I look forward to trying it out in the coming weeks. I just wish that this place were less of a take-out joint and more of a full-service sit down restaurant. The few soul food spots in and around Myrtle are take out joints. Ruthie’s, 5 Spot, and now Little House are the ones I know. Is there any sit down soul food restaurant on or around Myrtle?

  4. BrooklynJay

    Awww…sniff…sniff…I was just tryin’ to show some consistency. I thought everyone would wonder what happened if I started calling them just plain ol’ fries.

    Anyway, 5 Spots has a sit down section but I’ve never dined in. I can’t personally think of another Soul Food spot that’s actually large enough to dine in around Myrtle. I guess it is all take out only.

    Over on Fulton there’s Soule as well as Boca Soul which are definitely large enough to sit down and enjoy a meal but that’s kind of a hike.

  5. Willoughby Walk

    5 Spot Has a large sit down area which is almost always empty. In the evenings they usually have a DJ playing, and it’s a great time to eat and have drinks with friends over some old school hip hop tracks. If you ask me, the food is hit and miss, though. But I LOVE the ambiance in there, a great space.

  6. The Changeling

    Thanks Brooklyn Jay. That’s what I thought. I’m sorry to be so Myrtlecentric but in terms of distance Fulton might as well be Staten Island. I suppose I can try Soule and Boca Soul when I’m in the area, say after an evening at BAM or Target. 🙂

  7. BrooklynJay

    Well as noted in the Myrtle Ave Update from MARP – Ruthie’s looks like it’s expanding and opening up Ruthie’s Sunrise. Maybe they’ll extend the Soul Food place into that so that people would be able to sit down and dine in.

  8. g

    just tried the little house… not impressed. them there chicken wings might as well come from Yummy Yummy. I prefer mine with some zing. darn.

  9. BrooklynJay

    Because of the last comment I had to go back and…it was still good. Juicy flavorful chicken meat with a crunchy outside.

    I’ve never had Yummy Yummy’s chicken wings…maybe I’m not sure what you mean by zing? Did you ask for the Jerk or Buffalo sauce? Or is it the basic chicken that you didn’t like?

    I’m comparing the chicken to the chicken I’ve had in the area -Crown (salty), Ruthie’s (dry) and 5 Spots (dry). At this point I’d rather go to Little House for it…(maybe Crown.)

  10. Pamplemousse

    Just an FYI, my boyfriend and I went to Little House for Breakfast about a week ago. Service was very friendly. The food was great, but the diarrhea we both had afterwards was not.

  11. kyle

    I think g was refering to the fact that the wings are just fried plain with sauce on the side. Lesterhead might agree as would most upstaters that plain fried wings suck 😉

  12. Christian

    Kyle: If you’re looking for a good sit-down restaurant for soul food, I recommend Maggie Brown. It’s not really a soul food restaurant, but the menu is full of comfort food: fried chicken, mack and cheese, fish sandwich, etc. I highly recommend the braised short ribs – they are shout out loud good.

    Smoke Joint is great too for meat indulgence.

  13. keyanna

    i think little house food is excellent and i go there almost everyday and have no complaints except sometimes its crowded.

  14. lesterhead

    Kyle- Normally, I do agree with this. Though the wings at LH are much bigger than standard “Buffalo wings,” so that makes it a bit more like fried chicken. I myself liked the wings, and they don’t claim to be serving “Buffalo wings,” either. Best of all was the owner, Kevin, who welcomed everyone and was super friendly.

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  16. clintonswash

    I agree that the friendly attitude was really cool and genuine. It is so refreshing and welcome when peolple make a little effort. We had burgers which were very cafeteria in style, not the jackson hole monster burger I was expecting. I will have to try the waffles one day, somehow reading the menu I thought the chicken was inside the waffles and this was a tradition from the south.

  17. Joe

    It’s a neighborhood place that you can get chicken and waffles. Don’t go to Lugar to try the fish. (Don’t go to LH either)
    REMEMBER: CHICKEN….WAFFLES. Don’t bother with the rest. They’ll be around as long as they can keep the space.

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