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First Fridays at RePop: March 2

FIRST FRIDAY MARCH 2: The Fine Art of April Dinsmore and Richard Casciatio


Please join us this coming First Friday, March 2, 2007 featuring the fine paintings of husband and wife duo April Dinsmore and Richard Casciato. April and Richie begin our husband and wife series with an ecclectic mix of stunning Brooklyn landscapes and haunting, surrealist scenes. Complimentary wine reception is at 7:30 PM so come on down to the Navy Yard, mingle with the art and get your vintage groove on! All items in shop on First Friday’s are 10% off.

RePop 95% Recycled was ecently established in the summer of 2006, RePop specializes in vintage installation. All items in the gallery are collected by hand according to the impulsive tastes of the curators Russell Boyle and Carl Grauer. Displays and merchandise are subject to shift weekly.

All items are available for sale or rental with special rates offered to those in the trade.

DATE: March 2nd, 2007
TIME: 7: 30 PM


(Hope to see you guys there.  I’ll be attending as long as I can finish this wretched research paper on Karl Marx.)

You've Got Guests: Where Will They Stay?

Contributor MizBrooklyn is faced with a visit from her folks, and they need a place to stay. Since many of us in NYC are faced with accommodating guests, she’s done some research on the best options in and near CH.


My mom and dad are about to pay a visit to our little urban oasis — and while I was born in Chicago, IL, for the last 25 years, my parents have been entrenched suburbanites. It’s not to say they’re not worldly – they’ve been all over the globe, both have been to New York countless times. But they haven’t WANDERED much — I mean, they hadn’t been to the upper west side until they came to my office. Brooklyn is kind of a novelty for them. (When I first moved here, my dad made some kind of comment to the effect of “Do cabs even go there?”) So, this upcoming weekend is all about introducing Brooklyn to them (and vice versa), and convincing them that our little slice of the rock is Worth It.

The PR campaign is in full effect: I’m sending off a little bound copy of “Brooklyn Is” today — that was James Agee’s ode to our fair borough, published in 1968 in Esquire. And it’s important that they be comfortable when they spend their weekend here. They’d ruled out staying in our apartment (1000 square feet feels claustrophobic for those un-used-to it), so the quest is on for the best place for them to stay.

My first choice was Debbie Dangerfield’s famed “Saddle Down” B+B. It’s only $150 for two people to spend the night just down the street from all Clinton Hill has to offer. The reviews on Trip Advisor are pretty great. The good news is that Debbie was beyond friendly when I called, quizzing me on what building I lived in and how I’d heard about her and even trying to recruit me to volunteer with the Clinton Hill House Tour. The bad news is my parents are just not about sharing bathrooms. And it looks like Debbie is in the process of moving into a brownstone (the original B+B is in an apartment) — the B+B is halfway shut down temporarily. So, it was on to…

Akwaaba, a mansion in Stuyvesant Heights. This would be a good option for moms and dads who are more adventurous than mine, and are willing to stay a couple of miles away for what looks to be a pretty amazing Brooklyn experience. Unfortunately, my parents would be freaked out by the whole “Bed Stuy” label, so I took a look at…

Bed and Breakfast on the Park, which is really in Park Slope, but, hey — it’s near the park, and the museum, and the botanical garden, and the library…and Justice Ginsburg recommends it! They offered me their “winter rate” of $225/night (that’s less than normal), but it still seemed a bit steep, since there was a “service charge” and also sales tax to account for. So, since my parents would rather stuff money into their 401K than give it to a Bed and Breakfast, we settled on…

The Marriott down by the Brooklyn Bridge. Ugh. It’s chief advantage is that it’s near Junior’s Cheesecake, which both parents will enjoy. It’s disadvantages are obvious. The last time I was there they were having a toddler beauty contest and the scent of hairspray could barely mask the desperation of the Jon Benet-style stage moms. Eesh.

What Clinton Hill really needs (well, after it gets a grocery store): an apartment-swap website where people can volunteer apartments they won’t be in to those who want to house-sit. I know, it’s fraught with danger, but it could be done. (Word is that some of the Ft. Greene Parents list-servs are truly useful when the grandparents need a place to stay…an email to other moms and moms-to-be can churn up some empty apartments that need house-sitting…so much cheaper than a hotel.) What do you think? Workable?

pillow cafe: open!

stopped by the new incarnation of the pillow cafe today for an early lunch/snack. they’re still getting things off the ground, but it’s looking promising…..the food and drink are just as they were at the original pillow. we got huge hot chocolates:


a muffin:


and a bagel with pesto and fresh mozzarella:


i actually wanted to order a bagel with flavored cream cheese, but they didn’t have any. the very sweet counter guy apologetically told me that they didn’t have everything quite in place yet, having only been open a little over a week, but that if i’d come back, they would have vegetable, artichoke, and scallion cream cheese. artichoke cream cheese? yes, thank you, i’ll be back.

the muffin was chocolate chip and got high points for not having too many chips and being a teeny bit salty, a nice counterpoint to the sweet.

the hot chocolate was as good as it looks. you can get it with whipped cream too, if you’re into that sort of thing.

the space, though still a work in progress, is lovely. the front area, with the bar and a bunch of cafe tables, is light-filled and feels bigger than it really is. i am a little nostalgic for the cozy feel of the old pillow cafe, but it’s hard to argue with this:


we sat in the area in back of the bar. right now it is mostly open, sparsely furnished with just a few couches and armchairs. but that was actually just fine for our purposes: it was the perfect space for two 2-year olds to run wild without disturbing the rest of the customers:


there was a big velvet curtain over the french doors in the back, masking the disorganization in the yard that will someday house awesome outdoor seating, but one of our little monsters pulled it down…. i’m sure they’ll have it fixed by the time you go in.

pillow cafe
505 myrtle ave. @ ryerson and grand

NYC Condoms: Available in our Hood!

Gowanus Lounge informed us that the new NYC Subway free condoms are completely unavailable in some Brooklyn zip codes! So, I’ve compiled a list of where to get your own in our nabe. I am pleased to find they are available in all three area zip codes!



Aphrika Hair Braiding
1259 Fulton St (bt Bedford and Nostrand)

Dominican Style Hair Salon
914-A Fulton St (bt Washington and St. James)

Kings/Queens Unisex Parlor
920 Fulton St (bt Washington and St. James)

Mega Dry Cleaners
916 Fulton St (bt Washington and St. James)

Respect for Life
932 Fulton St (bt Waverly and Washington)


Five Spot Soul Food
459 Myrtle Ave (at Washington)

131 Atlantic Ave (near Henry St)

Luigi Pizzeria
326 DeKalb Ave (at Mary Pinkett Ave)

275 Park Ave (on Washington bt Park and Flushing)

505 DeKalb Ave (bt Skillman and Franklin)

46 Washington Ave (bt Park and Flushing)

262 Taaffe Pl (bt DeKaln and Willoughby)

248 DeKalb Ave (at Vanderbilt)


Brawta Cafe
347 Atlantic Ave (at Hoyt)

Changing Faces Barber Salon
692 Fulton St (bt S Portland and S Oxford)

Greene Community Pharmacy
702 Fulton St (bt S Portland and S Oxford)

80 Lafayette Ave (at S Portland)

Moshood African Clothing
698 Fulton St (bt S Portland and S Oxford)

New Directions Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
202-206 Flatbush Ave (bt Bergen and Dean)

Stonehome Wine Bar
87 Lafayette Ave (at S Portland)

11238 def wins the Weirdest Condom Venues Award — a bunch of salons, something that sounds like a Pro-Life church and a dry cleaner.