Head Over Heels Cafe: Does It Actually Exist??

Back in September, Jay and I attempted to try out a new cafe in Bed-Stuy called Head Over Heels Cafe. When we arrived at the alleged location, we couldn’t find it.

Now five months later, we found ourselves wandering one morning and decided to see if it was actually there. This is what we saw:

This “cafe” is allegedly located where that gate is pulled down and there is NO SIGN. The website’s still up, and claims that they open at 10am. This photo was taken around 11:30 am on a Sunday morning.

Seriously, this is SO unprofessional! Even opening 10 minutes late isn’t cool. That was my second attempt to check them out. NOT good business practice.

(Allegedly located at 525 DeKalb Ave.)

15 thoughts on “Head Over Heels Cafe: Does It Actually Exist??

  1. The Changeling

    I’m glad you guys called them out on this. When they first “opened” I went over there during normal cafe hours (middle of the day) and they were closed. Another time I visited them in the late afternoon and the lights were down, no hours were posted, and there was a guy and a girl (employees?) lounging in front of a TV. The guy was working on his laptop, but he didn’t have a drink or any food. I can’t figure out what’s up with this shady place. I think there are a bunch of people who lack business sense opening up businesses around here. Head Over Heels: TWO THUMBS DOWN.

  2. SpencerStreetGal

    This place is following the same pattern as the previous cafe in that location – Bristens. Whenever it is open, there is hardly anyone in there. I would rather go to Cafe Rico (near Spencer on Myrtle) or Cafe Martino. Better atmosphere and actually populated by people

  3. carmen

    this place sucks- i live about 30 seconds from it and the food is terrible- most of the time they only actually have about 3 out of the 12 menu items, and the food isnt even good (the hours also suck, as you’ve seen.) I vote no.

  4. In the know

    Bristens relocated in January 06 as there was no support as you can see most of the new construction is Hassadic Jews..the new cafe owners (Head Over Heels)would welcome your support not bashing!

  5. HoH Employee

    Not True We Are open from 6pm – 12am on weekdays and 6pm – 2am on weekends we open in the afternoon from 3pm also we are undergoing some changes please bear with us! however all items can be ordered at anytime including breakfast items.

  6. chloe

    head over heels cafe is hot. from the moment i walked in the door i felt at home. then i had the food and i felt like i was visiting my grand parents house for the holidays. i eat at HOH a couple of times a week consistently, so needless to say I was quite surprised to see all this negativity. My girlfriend and her room mates order from there almost daily.

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