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April Events @ Tillie's

April 2007 Events at Tillie’s

Open Mic



Friday, April 6th
8:30 p.m.
The Fort Greene Trio
Janis Russell, vocals
Jeff Van Nostrand, keyboards
Mike Weatherly, bass
Cover: $5

A soulful sonic stew of musical influences that draws on jazz, blues, pop, gospel, early Americana and even nursery rhymes. Director of the Lafayette Inspirational Ensemble at Fort Greene’s Lafayette Presbyterian Church, Janis Russell has performed with Barry Harris, Clark Terry, and Taj Mahal. Jeff Van Nostrand’s career has ranged from playing banjo with the Rochester Philharmonic for composing for “As the World Turns.” Mike Weatherly is an in-demand bassist who plays everything from big band to Cajun to gypsy jazz.

Friday, April 20th
7:30 p.m.
“Who Killed the Electric Car?”

Film screening sponsored by Common Sense Projects

An acclaimed exposé that chronicles the life and mysterious death of the
GM EV1, this is a whodunnit about cars, the people who love them, the
companies that build them and fuel them up, the governments that
regulate them, and the fight for our future. The film has screened at
this year’s Sundance, San Francisco International, Tribeca, Seattle,
and Los Angeles Film Festivals. Interviews include actors Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, Alexandra Paul, Peter Horton, Phyllis Diller, Collette Divine, and J. Karen Thomas, as well as automakers, political leaders from the right and left, and writers, activists, engineers, inventors, and everyday people who
what happened to the electric car. Nominated for the 2007 Documentary Screenplay Award by the Writers Guild of America.

No cover.

Friday, April 27th
ElastiCity festival

7 p.m. Michael Maher, trumpet, with Zach Brock on violin and tuba

8:15 p.m. Brinsk, from Boston
Noah Preminger, tenor
Aaron Kruziki, alto
Leftherios Kordis, keys
Thor Thorvaldson, drums
Aryeh Kobrinsky, bass

9:30 Josh Hinton’s Holus Bolus
Jeremy Udden and Josh Sinton, saxophone
Peter Bitenc, bass
Mike Pride, drums

Cover: $5

For more information, see


Boxes, Collages and Drawings

Diana Leidel

April 2nd – May 12th 2007

Diana Leidel, a Fort Greene resident, is an artist who has also been a longtime creative director in magazine publishing. She has been the recipient of numerous design awards for her work with Pointe magazine, Pilates Style magazine, and Dance Magazine, and has been a contributor to Graphic Design USA. She holds a BFA from The Cooper Union and an MA from New York University, where she also taught graphic design. Exhibitions include: Small Works 2006, Brooklyn Artists’ Gym; A.I.R. Gallery Postcard Show 2006; Women’s Studio Center 2006; International Signage Exhibition, The Art Directors Club of Chicago, 1978; Small Works, Washington Square East Galleries, New York University, 1977, 1978; Brooklyn Artists, The Brooklyn Museum, 1978; A.I.R. Gallery, New York; and Art Without Walls Gallery, Newark, New Jersey, 1977.

Diana describes the work in this exhibition as Non-Fiction Art, where the fictional world of the artist’s mind meets the news of the real world. She combines words and statements from news stories with painting, collage and found containers to make wall-piece boxes. The pencil drawings are portraits of newsmakers, from chickens to health workers.

Reception 4/6/07 from 7 – 9 p.m.

Brewery on Waverly!

Who knew Waverly Ave between Fulton and Atlantic was such a hotbed of intrigue! The filming of TV shows (Hammered for HGTV, Cover Shot for TLC), the Preemie Martini, etc. My latest discovery: A BREWERY!

Reader houseowax tipped me off to this place, and after a whole lot of Googling, I made contact with the brewers. A few Fridays ago during the ice storm, houseowax and I set off for a tour (and tasting). Their building on Waverly used to be a dairy:
beer gets brewed inside here

home of kelso of brooklyn

The brewery is called Greenpoint Beer Works, as Kelly Taylor (who built the facility and manages operations) makes Greenpoint his home. Inside, GPW brews all of Heartland Brewery’s beers (where Taylor got his start) as well as their own new brand, Kelso of Brooklyn.

kelso of brooklyn brewery

Right now, they’re only set up to brew kegs, but Kelly tells me bottling for Kelso is in the works. It’s the next step in the business plan.

Used barley is occasionally used for bread by the employees or given to local community gardens for compost, but most often is given to farmers to use as pig slop.

beer tasting

We tried the Barlywine (10% alcohol = fast buzz!) and Scotch Ale- a smooth ale with very little hops and a nice roasted barley flavor. Both were delicious!

They also make natural sodas:
soda flavoring

Taylor does offer special tours here and there, but the brewery is not yet equipped for regular visitors. He mentioned potentially looking into opening some sort of summer beer garden situation, but was unsure if people would come. Houseowax and I were thrilled with the idea, so if you think you’d patronize, give a shout-out here so we can tell him how awesome business would be. I also mentioned having a CHB 1-year Anniversary party there, to which he seemed receptive (July-ish. Be There).

For now, you can enjoy Kelso’s brews on tap at 67 Burger in Ft. Greene and Soda in Prospect Hts, and at other semi-nearby bars and restaurants. For more info, check out their site.

(I am tagging this under “nightlife,” in the hopes that there will be a beer garden.)

Seder/Holy Thursday in a Box

Should you decide at the last minute that you’d like to celebrate Seder or Holy Thursday, or can’t find access to the proper ritual items, St. Joseph’s College is offering this cool service:

If you are not ready for Passover, go to St. Joseph’s
College at 245 Clinton Avenue on Monday, April 2 between
12:00-1:30p.m. You can purchase for $1 “Seder in a box.”
Included are all the ritual items and printed prayers for
your own home Seder. The Seder in a Box is also
applicable to the Christian Holy Thursday ritual.

Open Invitation at Haunted Church

Nothing’s really changed at the haunted church on Clinton between Greene and Gates. There’s still trash everywhere, and the building sits in disrepair. BUT, I did notice recently that the gate on the right side of the building had been forced open, and it’s been hanging open for weeks now. I am positive that there are junkies and/or ghosts inside. Does anyone know for sure if anyone’s hiding out in there?


Tennis Alternative

The courts in Fort Greene Park are usually packed on summer days, but I’ve discovered a small hidden gem on Cumberland just south of Fulton, in that development of modern-ish townhouses!

There are two tennis courts tucked in there, as well as a small but very green and well-kept park.dscf0168.jpg


This is such an odd little area (nice, but seems isolated).

Anyway, in case you want to play some tennis today…

Call for Historical Essays

Since lots of readers are interested in neighborhood history (as am I!), I thought I’d put out a call for some resident-penned essays on the Old Days of Clinton Hill. The essays can be about whatever you’d like and if they are compelling, I will try to post them verbatim without editing. It would be nice if they were well-developed, maybe 500-1,000 words. I can credit authors however they’d like.

I can’t promise to publish everything, but hopefully neighbors will be motivated to submit some cool stuff. I’ll see how it goes, and hopefully I can turn it into a regular feature.

Send your submissions to:

clintonhillblog (at) gmail (dot) com

An Open Letter to a Shady Building

Dear Shady Building on Waverly:

Who owns you? You sure look like you have a lot of potential! Boy, I’d love to win the lottery and get my hands on you and make you into a really rad urban home. Maybe with a green roof? Please stay all creepy and haunty and cemented up until I can afford you. It’s gonna be awhile. And please, don’t turn into something douchey.

xoxo- Lesterhead


(Seriously though, what is INSIDE of this place??)