Hidden Treasures at Lockaway

Friends of mine in BK Hts are moving, and enlisted my help in driving them to a storage place to purchase boxes. They told me there was a box place in Ft. Greene, so I pocked them up at the G train and drove up to Carlton and Flushing to visit Lockaway Storage.

This is what it looks like on a sunny day (aka sketchy), so you can imagine what it looked like after dark:

wallabout storage

We had to head around back to get inside, and were greeted by a tranquil fountain by the door! Inside, things got even better. The place is gorgeous inside, done up like an antique post office. It was inviting and cozy (you know, the opposite of the REAL post offices in the neighborhood). If they served beer or food, it might be a nice date place.


And, you can even have your fortune told inside (not sure if this machine is in working order):


How weird is it that all this stuff is tucked inside a shady-looking storage facility?

5 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures at Lockaway

  1. BrooklynZoo

    Some really cool looking stuff there. I’d imagine storage places get some cool stuff left by people who stored items and never claimed them / never paid / forgot / passed away. If the storage place is old, maybe that explains the cool stuff you saw? Wonder if any of it is for sale? Did you ask the proprietors (sp?) why/how they had those things?

  2. sophie

    I rented a UHaul there once. The woman behind the desk told me they just collected all that stuff, and would one day like to host a concert in that big parking lot.

  3. T-Tone

    we just moved our storage out of there and found it to be a great place to store your belongings. the people that work there are always nice and you have to love the warm atmosphere inside their unique office.

  4. cherae ward

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