Found Kitty

Received this email this morning:

Hi there-

I read your blog and thought you might be able to help
out. My neighbor Tim, his friend Ainsley and I found
this cat on the corner of St. James Place and Clifton
Place. She had been following Tim & Ainsley from
Greene and Washington. We don’t think she’s feral
because she likes people, is quite healthy, and was
easy for me to pick her up. She’s smalll, black &
white, with a very distinctive stubbed tail.

Tim is posting photos in the neighborhood, but I
thought a shout-out from your blog might be able to
resolve it sooner.


If this is your cat, or you’d like to adopt this cat, email Tim at


Love the little black nose!

5 thoughts on “Found Kitty

  1. JIM

    If it has a real stubby tail then I always see it in the front yard of the house on the corner of Washington & Gates. The front window on the first floor is usually open and the cats go in and out.

  2. kmley

    yeah, i think we were right ahead of this couple that stopped for this little kitty. it seemed to follow them, and was curious and friendly. if i recall correctly, it did seem to come out of the building and then crawl under the fenceā€¦

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