This morning, I noticed some bright green Zipcar flags outside the Clinton-Washington G station. Two jovial guys stood by the entrance in front of the church handing out postcards, and told me they now have cars in the Armory on Vanderbilt and at DMK on Waverly!

They said they were highly motivated by the Fort Greene Zipcar site. Nice.


15 thoughts on “ZIPCAR!

  1. geralyn

    hey – on the zip car front, has anyone noticed all the false advertising they do?!?!? I just joined and am not a happy camper. It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to get the $69 rate. Weekends it’s hard to get the $100 rate. I’ve gone back and forth with them over the week but they won’t even acknowledge it other then “we will send your comments to our marketing department” ARGH!!!! anyone else have thoughts?

  2. Waverly

    Does anyone else have experience as a member of Zipcar? I’m thinking of joining and would be interested to know whether people are generally happy with the service or not. What do you usually have to pay for daily rental, and are cars generally available at your local spots?

  3. g

    hey – i’ll start with their customer service is good. but i was happy to have my money refunded today. 2 day rental with zip = $235 (not including mileage over 250), with enterprise = $146… do the math. great for hourly, not for weekends. i wish it was different cuz i love the idea, just not for me.

  4. joe

    We used to use Zipcar up until about a year ago when we inherited a car. Our experience in the beginning was great, cheap cars were available, service was good. As time went on it became harder to find cars close to home and in the cheaper price point. A few times towards the end, the car was late and dirty being returned. Once the car never showed up but they did upgrade us to a nicer car. All in all it wasn’t bad just not as convenient as we thought it would be. Try it, you can always pull out.

  5. lp

    I have used it for a couple of years now. Use the Prospect Heights garages. I think it is convenient. Weekends get booked out more quickly. One thing to note is gas is covered (there is a gas card in the vehicle), which makes a difference. For City driving and going to CT, NJ, Westchester etc, I’ve never exceeded the mileage quota for a day. Cheapest day rate on a weekend now seems to be just over $100 now (maybe near $120). Overall it is convenient and much quicker than going to a rental car agency. You’re in and out just like if it was you own car in a garage.

    If you’re looking for a rental for more than a day, I’d say consider a normal rental agency because it might be worth it money wise. Anything a day or less is definitely far more convenient and makes sense money wise.

    As for $146 for a two day weekend rental via Enterprise, that sounds great, though I hardly ever see those sorts of rates in the City, including Brooklyn.

  6. ks

    We used to be members of zipcar until we bought a car recently and always had good experiences. They may not be cheaper than traditional car rental agencies but the convenience far outweighs that. All cars have Easy Passes which is key if you’re making trips to Ikea or anywhere out of the city. Also you don’t have to worry about getting gas before you return it. Even if you have to get gas you use the gas card in the car and never pay extra for it. That’s my two cents!

  7. IBII

    I’m thinking of joining but i would only use it on the weekends and not every weekend just to hit the mall with my daughter and mayb super market. My Q is what are the weekend rates? i have tried looking it up on there site but no info at all. Thanks

  8. Avinash

    We recently launched a new company called Sunday that is very beneficial to Zipcar users. You can store your login details in the Sunday Portal and our team of agents can help you reserve a car real time. You can interact with them via email or phone. Use the promo code “zipcar” for a free month trial.

    We do a whole bunch more stuff for our customers, too.

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