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Fresh Flowers Coming to Greene and Grand!

Last week, Brownstoner reported that the folks behind Choice have leased the laundromat on Greene near Grand. In addition to cheeses and fresh produce, they’re also slated to offer FRESH FLOWERS. I’m most excited about the flowers, to be honest. If they’re as pretty as the dessert display at Choice, I’ll be mighty satisfied.

I wonder how pricing will be in the new shop. I think Choice’s pricing is pretty reasonable, given the quality of the food and the portions. Let’s hope the inside setup is more efficient.


Per a neighbor’s tip, the new establishment will also have a charcuterie. Yeah, I had to Google it, too. From Wikipedia:

Charcuterie (from either the French chair cuite, cooked meat, or the French cuiseur de chair, cooker of meat) is the branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products such as sausage and confit primarily from pork. The practice goes back to ancient times and can involve the chemical preservation of meats; it is also a means of using up various meat scraps. Hams, whether smoked, air-cured, salted, or treated by chemical means, are examples of charcuterie.

The French word for a person who prepares charcuterie is charcutier, and that is generally translated into English as “pork butcher.” This has led to the mistaken belief that charcuterie can only involve pork. The Food Lover’s Companion, however, says that “it refers to the products, particularly (but not limited to) pork specialties such as pâtés, rillettes, galantines, crépinettes, etc., which are made and sold in a delicatessen-style shop, also called a charcuterie.” And the 1961 edition of Larousse Gastronomique defines it as: “The art of preparing various meats, in particular pork, in order to present them in the most diverse ways.”

The word can also refer to a delicatessen, a meat shop that specializes in primarily pork products, or that part of a supermarket that specializes in meat products such as hams and sausages.

Java Dave's

Java Dave’s on Lafayette in Fort Greene never gets much buzz, and I’m curious as to why. Their signage isn’t great (is it a franchise?), but every time I’ve been in the staff has been superfriendly. They also have GREAT loose tea. I highly recommend the cherry-vanilla.


Eating and Learning at iCi

(Damn, this looks fabulous. Too bad I will be in Poland when it happens. Please go and report back!)

iCi joins forces with Green Gourmet to celebrate

“The Art of Taste”

On Thursday July 12th iCi partners with Green Gourmet to present The Art of Taste: a new dining experience where guests dine and discover in one bite!

The evening begins with an interactive class led by food educators Elizabeth J.E. Johnson & Ludie R Minaya from Green Gourmet. Through tasting and journaling guests explore the five flavors and realize the connection between taste and health. Diners learn that balancing the five flavors is the secret to creating delicious meals and to maintaining health and vitality.

Following the class guests enjoy a dinner prepared by Chef Laurent Saillard of iCi Restaurant. The meal incorporates examples of the five flavors while featuring the freshest summer foods grown in and around New York City.

Class & Dinner $70

To make a reservation or to get more information contact: Marion Emmanuelle at ICI – 718 789 2778.


Added Value Arugula Salad

Parmesan Cheese, Pickled Fennel, Red Onions


Handmade Spaetzle

Fresh Corn, Tarragon, Lime


Wilted Dandelion Salad

Poached Egg, Bacon, Anchovy Cream


Dine’s Farm Roasted Chicken Breast

Quinoa, Kale, Roasted Onions


Zucchini Green Curry

Basil, Coconut Milk


Sea Salt Chocolate Tart

Tonight at Le Grand Dakar

They’re fond of sending me stuff last minute, but this sounded like a nice thing to enjoy on a summer Wednesday:

Wednesday, June 27, 2007
7:00 PM – 10 PM – two or three sets

Le Grand DAKAR presents:

flexible balance structure chaos nature create
patterns movement navigate breathe life

Improvised melodies, textures, rhythms, and sounds
beautiful & dissonant, up and quiet

Julianne Carney – Violin
James Ilgenfritz – Double Bass
Duane Pitre – Guitar – Effects – Ukelin

Le Grand Dakar Restaurant
285 Grand Avenue @ Clifton Place (near Lafayette)
Take G train to Classon Avenue
Or, C to Clinton/Washington, head north on Washington, turn right on Lafayette, right again on Grand.

Haunted Church Update

Brownstoner spied a dumpster in front of everyone’s favorite Haunted Church, 447 Clinton Ave, recently. A few days ago, I spotted this sign on the plywood that now surrounds the house:


Looks like the work’s being done for now on the carriage house in the back. This is cool, I suppose, but I’m annoyed since I dreamed of buying it someday and doing a cool green reno. Bah.

At least this means (hopefully) that the property will be cleaned up! I’m tired of looking at all the weird, soggy trash outside this place.



The boarded-up Cathedral of Deliverance near the worst post office ever is going condo!

The building will be called Fulton on Clinton, which I think it a bit deceiving. Makes it sound like it’s on the corner of Clinton and Fulton, when it just refers to the building being IN Clinton Hill.

The exterior rendering looks really nice, and prices don’t seem too outrageous. Though the listing does say Fort Greene. I’d think by this point, listing “Clinton Hill” would be a selling point.

Inside? These computer-based images are hard to really judge, but it looks like something I would live in. Though I’d pick a different paint color for the kitchen, and it doesn’t look like it has much counter space. But it does have a washer-dryer (swoon).


Two units go on the market Sunday. Just a warning- if you buy here, you have to pick up packages at Adelphi Station!
What do you think should move into the retail space? Hopefully this storefront will help fill in the gaps on Fulton and further tie it together as a decent destination (Olivino, Kush, Outpost and Brown Betty are all favorites of mine on/near Fulton).
Brownstoner coverage here.

organic fake-out on lexington

in the comments section for the post on the upcoming restaurant on greene + waverly, a reader asked:

Have you checked out the new ‘organic market’ that just started to get all dolled up on Lexington btwn Grand and Classon? Crazy conversion… but needed.

and i was all ready to head down there this morning and check it out….until i went on the local parents’ listserve. there was a discussion of the market going on there, and the truth came out: it isn’t an organic market at all, but a set for a steve martin movie that’s being filmed here.

bummer! on the plus side, if you like steve martin, they should be doing more filming this week….

CSA: Week One

This summer, I decided to go in on a CSA share with a CHB reader. Last Thursday was the first week. Pickup was at the not-so-convenient school on Gates and Downing.

Thankfully, everyone there was SO NICE.

first day of the CSA

Once you arrive, you sign in and then can go pick up your stuff. Each selection is labeled in a bin, telling you how much of everything you should take. The best surprise? Basil, cilantro and dill plants, ready for planting at home!

basil to plant

We also signed up for the fruit share, which was fresh strawberries this week. The berries were small, but very sweet.

The amount seemed perfect for sharing. I think it would have been too much for a single person. I already used most of the goods last night making dinner for a friend.

veggies from CSA

So far, so good.