Me and the Markowitz

Sorry I didn’t know in advance, but there was a Clinton Hill Street Fair on Saturday, on Clinton between Willoughby and Myrtle. Looked like some residents selling tasty food, some clothing and jewelry for sale, and a stage with live performances. And, look who I met!

me and marty markowitz

Borough Prez Marty Markowitz! He was super friendly and meeting and greeting CH residents. Personally, I’m anti-Atlantic Yards, but I’ll give it up for Marty for his Brooklyn spirit and his ability to be everywhere for everything Brooklyn. He also said he’s proud that we’re the Bloggiest neighborhood in the country!

Thanks for stopping by, Marty!

9 thoughts on “Me and the Markowitz

  1. PolyGraf

    I wish you could have taken marty around the Hill maybe down fulton from Clinton to Classon, that portion of Fulton is absurd, to see how long it has taken ConEd and all the sub contractors to destroy sidewalks and streets and then abandon them for months is absolutey ridiculous, its been almost 2 yrs since they started digging up Fulton, you should have cornered marty, I know its nice up clinton but down by fulton we have it rough.

  2. Alycat

    Apparently we have restaurants and stores galore opening up, Tamboril in the old porn shop on Myrtle and Il Torchio also on Myrtle next to Joseph Tyler Salon. You can def catch up by having lots o food in the ‘hood. We’ve also got Little Piggy Market next to the Smoke Joint.

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