Filming in the 'Hood

Something’s filming today on Clinton between Lafayette and DeKalb.  The signs only say “RSA Films.”  Normally they include a project name, so I poked around on Google.  I’ve deduced that the filming is for a Heinekin commercial, taking place at one of our favorite mansions, 313 Clinton Ave.


4 thoughts on “Filming in the 'Hood

  1. Barb

    Yep– “Damages,” the new FX series starring Glenn Close and Ted Danson. They consumed about 7 blocks of parking spaces on both sides of the street and only used about half of one block. But still. Supposedly a good show.

  2. Soul- One

    Goddamnit!!!>>>>>…… I tried to leave a photo up in that last post but it appears that my efforts have been for nought. Fuck it. In case you give a shit, it was a photo of me out in Vegas in front of the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, rockin’ a “Frank White” t-shirt. Hard.
    The place opens tomorrow I think, and trust me, if you think the ducky- photos are dope,
    Wait’ll ya step inside..


    ; )

    If you give a shit, you can check the flick out on my myspizzles jawn: myspace/souluno ->***when profile appears, click on ‘PICS’ located under profile picture then click on photo album entitle ‘Vegas’ for the “FRANK WHITE” shot***

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