16 thoughts on “Speakeasy Opens TONIGHT!

  1. Sara

    I had the EXACT same thought! This menu appears to make little effort to be vegetarian-friendly, so I doubt I will visiting any time soon. I may do a walk-by just to confirm. Very disappointing.

  2. funkjester

    Zucchinni Sticks, Spinach Artichoke Dip and Crispy Wings??? Is this what all the fuss has been about? It’s like a Clinton Hill-priced TGI Fridays.

    There’s nothing ground-breaking among the entrees, either.

    Ho-hum, ZZZZZZZZZ…..I think I’ll pass.

  3. ttractor

    well, and I’ll be a super-fuss-budget here and say I am unimpressed by the spelling and capitalization errors. Well, I am impressed, just not positively.

  4. guest

    She said she wanted to serve comfort food and I thought it would be at better prices.She is right up there with some Manhattan restaurants like the one I ate at this weekend ….sofritony.com….oh man that food was excellent and the decor was beautiful and they served soo much food I brought it home and have some left for tomorrow also.I will venture over and check it out because I like to support the neighborhood businesses and hope the food is worth it.

  5. ks

    I agree with the veggie posts that it would be great to have more veg friendly food but I’m so used to being left out by now that it doesn’t even bother me any more. Maybe the chef will be willing to prepare a veg entree on request? Pasta is a little boring.

  6. jmb

    comfort food is never very comfortable when it’s priced like that. fish and crustacean around the corner is quite a bit more comfortable, and i bet you their macaroni on sunday beats this place hands down.

  7. Givemeabreak

    You people must not dine out that frequently. The prices are not even close to being high-end. There’s a diner a few blocks away that may be better suited to your wallets. The foods good (Mike’s is the best), but they close early. Run along, kiddies.

  8. Chaz

    Just ate at The Speakeasy last night. It was pretty good, albeit with a number of small problems that are not atypical for a brand new restaurant.

    Several items on the menu, including the short ribs and the lamb, were not available. We got the fried calamari and green salad to start, and the chicken and pasta entrees.

    The calamari was overbattered and a bit gritty in texture; a lighter touch would make them much more enjoyable. The sauce for the calamari was tasty. The salad was underdressed and pretty boring; the blue cheese was simple Maytag blue, not especially decadent or satisfying. The pasta (ordered with shrimp) was tasty and had a nice spicy kick to it, but it was rich to the point of being thick and somewhat sticky. The chicken with sherry mushroom sauce was perfectly cooked and very savory and tasty, but the chicken itself was fearsomely oversalted. The portion was immense, though, and we took half of the chicken home, along with a good amount of the pasta.

    Also, kind of funny, the place setting included a bread plate, but no bread was ever forthcoming. Why have the plate? The tables are smallish and feel crowded with the useless plate sitting there.

    The decor is cozy and nice and looks good in dim/candle light, but there is a strange golden scrim hanging between the seats in the front window and the bar that seems very awkward and pointless. Instead, they might consider using the scrim to seal the area around the front door to prevent cold air from coming in, as so many other restaurants do.

    Again, minor problems that will surely be ironed out in time.

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