Miranda, Steve and Brady in Clinton Hill

I remember hearing that the Brooklyn brownstone Miranda and Steve moved into on Sex and the City was located in Fort Greene.  Actually, it was in CLINTON HILL — 299 DeKalb, between Waverly and Washington.  Don’t let these signs fool you:


“Untitled Project” means SaTC the Movie, which is filming there today!  Although I have a connection to the people who own the house, they’ve signed a confidentiality agreement, which means they can’t talk to me about it and I can’t go take pics of the set inside.  Bah.

Here they are, moving in yesterday afternoon:


9 thoughts on “Miranda, Steve and Brady in Clinton Hill

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  2. vanessa

    I read this post while at work and proceeded to count down the minutes until I could get on the subway and scope out the sceen for myself. As soon as I walked up from the Clinton-Washington stop and approached 299 DeKalb, I saw her coming down the front steps in a white, very comfy looking, robe. I walked right past her(and her bodyguard) and said hello She graciously said hello back(I didn’t get so much as a smile from the bodyguard). She then crossed the street and went to her trailer. I found myself turning around and following her but then I realized I had to resist my stalker-like tendencies and walk on home.

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