Hello PUPS,

Due to a forecast for rain and thunderstorms tomorrow, we will be
moving the 9th Annual Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest to this
Sunday, October 28. The registration time will still be 11:30 am at
the top of the hill. Judging will start at noon. PUPS asks for a
suggested donation of $5.00 per dog.

Sorry to have to move the event, but it does give you one extra day
to work on your dog’s costume! I hope you will be able to join us on
Sunday, and if you would, please spread the word about us moving the
contest. I am not sure, but I think the Fort Greene Park Conservancy
may also be moving their Halloween Festival to Sunday (try checking
their website later today).

Sunday looks to be sunny and warm, so I’ll see you on Sunday with
dogs in costume!

6 thoughts on “Great PUPkin: MOVED TO SUNDAY

  1. A

    Boycott? My dog may be unusual in that she has so little hair she won’t step out into the cold without a sweater (she’s a pit bull). She had a blast at the contest with her tail wagging the entire time. Everyone was petting her, lots of dog butts to sniff, and free treats were given out. There are many unnatural things we do with domestic dogs such as giving them toys, making them wear a leash, vaccinations, training… I don’t think these are bad things. Why cause a stink for giving your pet a little extra attention on Halloween.

  2. thechime

    lesterhead, who won?! can we get a photo? i really hope it wasn’t anything corporate – like the dog astronaut. this world needs more costumes made out of tin foil.

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