Gossip Roundup

Received this tip-filled email from a reader:

I was at a town hall meeting with tish james and heard from
the pres. of pratt that they have taken over the kentucky fried
chicken spot!!! It is going to be a 6 (or more) story building with
retail on the ground floor. The space is actually still owned by the
person that owned the KFC, but pratt worked some deal where they get
the land and the owner gets the building… Don’t quote me on that,
I’m super tired and I definitely didn’t give them enough
attention. : ) The other bit of gossip on this front is that the
owner wants some kind of pharmacy on the ground floor. Although I
really hate box store pharmacies, this is something that area does need.

More gossip…

The bodega on the corner of grand and clifton is interviewing chefs
for a brick oven pizza joint! I will probably be close to a year till
they open, but worth the wait.

Terri, of Choice fame, is on hold with the spot on greene bec. of
permit issues. They hope to open in the next few months.

The 6-story building sounds promising and not too tall. It IS amazing how much unused space exists on Myrtle (more on this later).

10 thoughts on “Gossip Roundup

  1. PolyGraf

    Wow, can’t imagine that I’ll be able to get a brick oven pizza , bootle of wine and something sweet all within a very short walk. Now if only fulton could get some of that myrtle progress(minus the walgreens).

  2. Bree

    I passed by Mirrors on Grand off Lafayette and they looked like they were renovating.Anyone know what is going on with that place? Myrtle Ave is being developed so much quicker than Fulton St between Vanderbilt Ave and Classon.Wonder why? Just saw the signs plastered on the windows of the new Northfork Bank but anyone know what is going on across the street at 895 Fulton St? Gates are up and they are doing cleanout ? Any scoops on whats cooking in the space next to Il Torchio Restaurant on Myrtle Ave off Washington?

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