Biggie Movie Filming

You may have seen the crews and the orange signs around the nabe over the last few days.


(photo by la futurista)

Per IMDB, Notorious is about “the life and death story of Notorious B.I.G. (a.k.a. Christopher Wallace), who came straight out of Brooklyn to take the world of rap music by storm.”

Any old schoolers want to weigh in on the movie?  Will it be cheesy?  Or does it have potential to be a great film?  At least they’re filming it where he actually grew up (instead of filming it in Toronto and pretending it’s Brooklyn).

9 thoughts on “Biggie Movie Filming

  1. gimmetheloot!

    I walked down St. James on Monday morning and they were filming in front of the house that Biggie grew up in. I saw the actor/rapper who is playing him. He looks similar in the face but I don’t think he’s fat enough!

    If they can manage to make that area look as seedy as Biggie portrayed it in his music and in interviews, it will be successful. The door on his house alone is really nice looking. I don’t pretend to know what it looked like when he grew up there but if they want to maintain a “tough life” image, standing in front of a beautiful door representing his distressed childhood might not get the point across. Then again I suppose many of his rhymes weren’t meant to be taken literally. In one interview, however, he describes a bloody scene where his friend was shot and killed in the Clinton-Washington train station. I wonder if this will be a part of the movie?

  2. R

    Is nobody going to comment on the appalling spelling (of the film’s TITLE, no less) on these NO PARKING notices. I mean, is ‘NotoriOus’ really that tricky of a word to spell correctly?! I mean, I know it’s a little tougher than “8 Mile,” but c’mon… It just looks so wrong this way.

  3. ?

    Hopefully it wont be just another shameless money grab by the movie industry glorifying a former drug dealer turned gangster rapper.

    I love some of his music, but I’m struggling to see where the “happy ending” is going to come from in his story . Considering all of the kids who will no doubt see this film (regardless of its rating) I hope they find a positive note to end on that is more hopeful than “if you work hard enough you too can become a millionaire rapper and escape a life of drug dealing”.

  4. Michael

    eh.. First of all why does there need to be a “happy ending”?

    Where exactly was the happy ending in his life that would be portrayed in the film? He was gunned down before he even reached 30.

    Maybe they just need to end the film without giving him martyrdom status. Probably too late considering the significance most Brooklyn teens place on his music.

  5. Shaun

    In these times we all need a happy ending to these otherwise pointless movies. Looking at the kids, who will no doubt see this in droves, they definately need something positive out of it.

    Going from drug dealer to gangster rapper isnt much of a success story when you get killed at 30, so I hope they have more than that.

    Also, went from negative to positive?

    “How you wanna act?
    I hope civilized cause I love to see niggaz die
    Brains all leakin’ out on the street”

    I wouldnt call that positive, but thats just me.

  6. Brother Jimmies

    Well, I don’t see how being a drug dealer is necessarily a bad thing. He needed to feed his family and that was the only way he could so. You guys need to be less ignorant and more open minded to other cultures.

  7. Michael

    A culture of murder and drug dealing is one of the only cultures that I refuse to be “open-minded” to. Actually, you’re the narrow minded one, to think that it’s the only way that a young, black male can “put food on the table” and I know plenty of black people that would be extremely offended by that idea.

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