Rapper Killed on Fulton Street Yesterday

fulton street fish

From Gothamist:

Leval Lyde, a 36-year-old Brooklyn rapper who went by the street name “Kevlar,” was gunned down yesterday on the corner of Clinton Ave. and Fulton St. in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn. Lyde was shot just before 5 p.m. on the street corner and declared dead on arrival at Brooklyn Hospital. Lyde had just exited Fish & Crustaceans Quality Seafood and was walking with his sandwich towards the maroon Jaguar (owned by the mother of his child) when he was shot once in the torso.

The NY Times describes the rapper of little renown as a holdover from Fort Greene’s grittier days, and sees his killing as a foil for the transformation that has occurred in recent years. “The shooting was a reminder of rougher times in Clinton Hill, where gentrification has turned crack houses into wine bars.” They quoted one resident who noticed the crime scene tape only after observing that a new French restaurant had opened on the block. He figured it must have been an accident and was surprised to hear that there had been a murder.

Info from the NYT here.

WTF???? A murder at 5pm on Fulton? Could this be related to the gunfire on Lexington a few days ago?  OMG!

17 thoughts on “Rapper Killed on Fulton Street Yesterday

  1. Kizz

    Thanks for this. I saw the helicopters on my way home and wondered what was going on but didn’t find anything on NY1.

    I guess it’s sort of shocking for that side of the Hill but over where I am it happens. Not a lot but it happens.

    Also, “Kevlar” should have been a way of life, not a nickname.

  2. Mike

    I got out of the subway round 630pm and they had the block taped off, even well into the 9pm hour..
    From overhearing many people speak last night, it seems that it wasnt so random, but who knows..
    It will probably go unsolved and get lost in the shuffle, so sad..

  3. Petite Maoiste

    FYI I sent you a couple of heads up about this yesterday afternoon as it was breaking but I don’t know how to sign up for “From the Readers” so I appended the updates as comments to the most recent crime-related story. This is very disturbing news.

  4. Annmarie

    Any idea what happened this morning on Franklin and Fulton? I heard a ton of sirens around 7:30 a.m. and noticed that there were police blocking the street when I went to the subway around 8:30.

  5. clintonhillchill

    I have nothing but respect for you but after putting my ear to street I think you should take that pic down. The guy didn’t get shot in front of Fish and Crutacean and I think it stigmatizes them as a business to have a pic of their store front under the caption RAPPER KILLED ON FULTON STREET. Please think about it.


  6. Skeets McDonald

    Personally I’m more concerned about the increase in muggings than I am about a random shooting over what is probably an old personal beef over who knows what.

  7. only brooklyn

    I dont give a fuck if his name was Bullet McGee. None of us should get murdered like that. Fuck “rapper” a artist/comunity member/ human was killed, lets break it down! Its really scary that the way this area is policed will not change until a white person is hurt.

  8. Skeets McDonald

    @ only brooklyn…..STFU

    Do you think a greater police presence would have stopped this killing? How so?

    The knucklehead that did it wasn’t concerned about getting caught or the consequences. He wanted revenge. The shooting was directed at one person for a single purpose.

    Random muggings could be directed at ANYONE & EVERYONE.

  9. only brooklyn

    a greater police presence may have not stoped this killing but i would not be surprised if no one is caught. This kind of crime can effect ANY & EVERYONE if that bullet went stray. also random muggings can lead to people getting shot.

  10. Skeets McDonald

    Right, “random muggings can lead to people getting shot”. You’re helping me make my point.

    Eradicating the random muggings will help make the nabe a safer place.

  11. JD

    Don’t walk around at night listening to your ipods. People notice that and they can sneak up behind you. If you wear an engagement ring – or have any other expensive jewelry – turn the diamond around so that it’s in your palm. Sometimes I get freaked out if I’m going somewhere and I’ll just take it off (I know, I know) and stick it in the 5th, smaller pocket on my jeans. Also, if you are just running out to buy milk, use a smaller wallet that just holds cash so if you did get mugged, you would only be out of money and not your CC, DL, etc.

    This may all be redundant to some of you, but I wrote it in the event that someone didn’t.

    And ALWAYS walk with your head held high and make eye contact – if they know that they have your attention, the element of surprise is taken away and that is what most of them want is to catch you off guard. AND ALWAYS TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS.

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