Gun Buyback a Success in CH

I only saw one sign for the recent gun buyback program that happened a few weekends ago. Participants were paid $200 per gun, no questions asked.

A reported 700 guns were turned in during the program.

Brown Memorial Church in CH was one of the buyback locations, and the wait for turn-in was more than an hour.

7 thoughts on “Gun Buyback a Success in CH

  1. paristheatre

    Yeah Great News! Now maybe Clinton Hill can spearhead a “Buy Back Your Delinquent Ass Teenagers” campaign.

    Rewards: Someone else’s camera, ipod, etc. No questions asked.

  2. david6of7

    Seriously? they took that many off the streets? I am really proud of them and what they did – oddly enough though I hear constant gun shooting around Park Ave – Washington. As much as I used to hear back in the 80’s.
    Be safe.

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