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Two Storefronts Available on Myrtle

The Myrtle Ave merchant association in collaboration with MARP are trying to get the word out that two retail spaces are available between Clinton and Waverly! ( approx 1000 sq ft and 500 sq ft plus basement)

any applicants need to send a copy of their business plan to the clinton hill coops, 345 clinton ave. 11205 (that’s who owns the retail on the block)  all candidates will be interviewed by the clinton hill board. no phone calls to the coops’ office. applicants can email jennifer stokes at MARP for further info:

Greene Grape Blog

Local wine/gourmet food peddler Greene Grape just started their own blog!  Looks like they have general store info, plus food/wine tips and news.

I hip up Provisions in July before having a party, and the staff was mind-blowingly helpful.  This could turn out to be a great resource.

Fulton Deli

Maybe it’s just not open yet.  But the deli that’s taking the place of shuttered 1001 Affairs Florist was closed a few Sundays ago.

They have grill.  Great.

Anyone seen it open yet?  If so, there is nothing “super” about a deli closed on weekends.

(Fulton at Cambridge)


From a reader:

Hey! Any ideas about which bars/restaurants will be showing the presidential debate tonight?

I suspected and then confirmed that Moe’s on Lafayette will be having an Obama Party.  I watched the election night coverage there four years ago and had a great time.  Get there early, as it will be packed.  Moe’s is truly one of the most diverse places to hang out in all of NYC, so it’s a great place to cheer on Obama.

Update: Le Grand Dakar on Grand is also having a party!

(If you like McCain, sorry- I have no idea where you might go to watch.  Statan Staten [whoops, Freudian slip!] Island?)

Shooting on Monroe

Received this email from a reader yesterday:

There was a shooting last night outside our apartment [Tuesday] on Monroe Street between Franklin and Classon Avenues in Clinton Hill Brooklyn between Midnight and 1:00am.  Police arrived promptly and soon after arriving taped off the street until early this morning around 6:30am or so.  I have been checking various News Outlets and blogs but haven’t been able to find out anything more about the story.  I realize it may have happened too late to make today’s papers but was wondering if this was something you might have heard about or may have seen a posting about…or if you know a good resource to follow up on such a story…

The crime scene, at least per my inbox, has been awfully quiet lately.  Which is nice.  Though it seems those cheerful new recruits were gone from walking the beat as soon as they arrived!

Names Needed!

We’re finishing up the PUPS Calendar, and are missing names for a few of the dogs!  If one of these is your dog, or if you know its name, PLEASE leave a comment so we can accurately label them!

nameless dogs

Crown Heights House Tour

This October, Crown Heights North Association, Inc. is hosting its 2nd Annual House Tour on Sat. Oct 4, 2008. Opening ceremonies will begin at 11:15 a.m. in front of St. Gregory’s R.C.C. School at 991 St. Johns Pl. between New York and Brooklyn Avenues.  Self-guided tours will start at noon and end by 5 p.m. The tour is preceded by a free homebuyer’s workshop with info on mortgages, avoiding predatory loans, and financing, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.

Attendees will have a once yearly opportunity to enter and view some of Brooklyn’s finest residential and sacred architecture. Among the homes this year, we are featuring a Romanesque Revival mansion restored from ruin, a period perfect Renaissance Revival limestone, a thoroughly modern townhouse, as well as homes with enviably large, landscaped gardens. We are also highlighting our newly renovated Children’s Museum, designed by world class architect Rafael Vign*oly, three remarkable houses of worship, and our entire neighborhood of architecturally significant free standing houses, row houses, apartment buildings and churches that have been praised by the Landmarks Commission as some of the finest in New York City.

The recent designation of the Crown Heights North Historic District – Phase 1, has sparked enormous interest in Crown Heights North, not only for its history, but for its housing stock and business opportunities. As Brooklyn real estate values skyrocket, the beauty of this neighborhood, and its local attractions such as the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, the world famous West Indian Day Parade, as well as the close proximity of the Brooklyn Museum, Botanical Gardens, Prospect Park, and convenient public transportation, have attracted more and more people to the area.

Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 on the day of the Tour.

The Crown Heights North Association, Inc. (CHNA) is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization.

Photo Studio / Boutique

A week or so ago while walking down Greene, I noticed a new storefront on Franklin and Greene.

From the outside, it looked like a regular boutique.

Inside, jewelry and accessories share the storefront with a photo studio!  Clinton Hill residents and studio owners Antoine and Cherie Gray are offering boutique shopping, along with family portraits, wedding photography, headshots for entertainers and actors, children’s portraits and more.

They have a new blog up as well, advertising current specials.  Looks like a pretty sweet deal for headshots!