At Last! Choice Greene is Open!

After waiting months and months, Choice Market’s first offshoot is open.

The inside is fairly spacious (meaning lots of room to walk around, unlike the cozily cramped Choice Market).  They’re selling lots of fresh stuff!  Kinda reminded me of a (very) mini Fairway:

And my favorite section:

fresh produce at choice greene

Lots of fresh herbs!  Yay!

(Choice Greene is Located on Greene Ave at Grand Ave)

26 thoughts on “At Last! Choice Greene is Open!

  1. JK

    I thought the prices were reasonable. The cheese selection is tremendous, and priced similarly to other cheese specialty shops, the tuna, while pricey, looked amazing. The produce especially seemed reasonably priced. They have some kinks to work out – out of bread way too early in the day and they should really have a coffee bar — but I for one am thrilled to have it in the neighborhood and think it’s a great place.

  2. ajfrench

    For the quality, the prices aren’t bad. My husband and I went to the refurbished Pioneer yesterday for things like juice and milk and then to Choice Green for some veggies, bread and fish. We had the cod fish last night and it was excellent. I am thrilled to have them on my block. It fills a need in the neighborhood. Now if I want fresh herbs, shallots, or Ronnybrook yogurt, among other things, I don’t have to head into Ft. Greene. I couldn’t be more pleased.

  3. Anonymous

    More importantly, #7 FOR SALE is probably an illegal cybersquatter. Tell the owner that he can probably get FOR SALE booted off the domain name through a cheap arbitration.


    y am i a asshole because i did his homework for him. Dont get mad at me for for buying his domain name oh by the way i also have CHOICEATLANTIC.COM AND SINCE IM AN ASSHOLE I ALSO GOT CHOICEDUMBO.COM

  5. bebklyn

    i’m thrilled to have choice greene in the neighborhood. i don’t think it is that pricey – it’s more reasonable than i anticipated. their pricing seems little odd. the other day, brussel sprouts were $1.85/lb at choice greene and $4/lb at the pioneer. the fish and flowers seem to be really high quality, some definitely costly (priced accordingly).

    for sale – you’re missing the boat (not going to tell you why b/c i agree with goodtogobk)

  6. Jennie

    Seriously, does anyone know the operating hours? I went by on Saturday morning around 8:30am and it was closed. And I hope “For Sale” sits on those domain names forever because if they REALLY did their homework they would realize Choice Market has been open quite awhile, does incredible business, makes great products, but does not have a website and is lacking in the operations department…. so why would they change now when they are still packing customers in! Too funny…

  7. kristin

    yes! I am dying to know their hours too. am hoping they are open tonight til at least 8pm… Also, thanks for reminding me, aifrench, that the refurbished Pioneer is open. How is it looking?

  8. CB

    Hey genius, did you also get,,,, and every other possible permutation of the words “choice” and “market?”

  9. CB

    Well, boy genius, if you couldn’t think up those couple of really obvious names, I’m sure you can’t come up with the hundred of other really obvious names that Choice could use. And if you think cyber-squatting on domain names for a neighborhood bakery is the way to riches, well you really are a genius.

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