14 thoughts on “Pleasant Stay Hotel

  1. halsey

    My parents stay here when they come to town. Nice air conditioned rooms, with big clean bathrooms, friendly service, and a great room service menu. Highly recommended.

  2. Classon resident

    Hasn’t seemed like such a “cruising” scene for a while. A year ago it seemed the only thing it was missing was prostitutes dancing in the front window.

  3. orinink

    in these times of hardship,its good to see the good old,there shit stinks but ours dont,lets get rid of them attitude of the gentrified and greedy 90’s still exist.there broke ass people struggling to survive leave them alone,it might be you next month.why not find out what they may need to make there living better,rather than criticise like your not stuck in the same rut.try being human.

  4. Julianne

    I agree with #10. A resident “gentrifier” of 6 years, I’m aghast at so many comments of such a callous nature. I love the blog, and I love having neighborhood conversation. I don’t love the blogs getting the reputation of being full of stuck-up, nose in the air folks who moved here expecting to change everything. Let’s grow up and get some perspective.

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