Bati — Delicious New Ethiopian Restaurant Open in Fort Greene

My husband and I just got back from dinner at Bati Ethiopian Restaurant, in Fort Greene, and loved the whole experience – food, ambience, and service. Bati’s atmosphere is inviting and cozy—dark wood, white brick walls, bright Ethiopian-themed artwork, and the service was very friendly, attentive and quick. The menu offers beef, free-range poultry, and a large variety of vegetarian dishes. (Note: All the vegetarian dishes are vegan as well.) We ate the Doro Wett (chicken stew) and a combination of vegetarian dishes, which were all fresh, delicious and hearty, with generous portions.

The Bati Platter

The Bati Platter

Even though it was busy, owner Hibist Legesse made time to talk with me about her restaurant. (Meseret Kibret is also a partner in the restaurant).

Why “Bati”? Bati, the name of the restaurant, refers to a region in North Central Ethiopia known for its sprawling market, to the famous Ethiopian song “Ere Bati Bati”, and to “bati”, a type of music originating in the highlands of Ethiopia.

Why Fort Greene?
Hibist, originally from Ethiopia, moved to the US in her teens. Trips to BAM when she was living with her family in Harlem sparked an attraction to the Fort Greene area, and she has dreamed of opening a restaurant here ever since.

Can you describe the food?
Traditional Ethiopian with a focus on nutrition and health. For example, by adding extra teff (type of flour) to the injera (spongy flatbread), we’re increasing the fiber and iron content of the bread. You can see the difference — the injera is a darker color. And by featuring healthy ingredients, such as flaxseed. We also plan to expand our vegetarian options.

Do you have a signature dish?
The Ye Telba Fitfit is a special dish, made with lightly roasted freshly ground flaxseed in house dressing mixed with injera. It is packed with anti-oxidants and very good for you.

Who’s cooking in the kitchen? There are a number of chefs in the kitchen, all Ethiopian, and all, as is traditional in Ethiopia, female. This tradition is changing though, with many young men now learning to cook as well.

The basics:

Address: 747 Fulton Street at South Portland (right next to Provisions), Fort Greene
Phone: 718-797-9696
Hours: Open every day

Starting this week (week of Jan 26th): Lunch 12-5pm; Dinner 5pm-Midnight

Takeout available; currently no delivery

BYOB until further notice (which is not a problem with Provisions right next door and Greene Grape a few doors down)

Welcome to the neighborhood! We will be coming back very soon!

18 thoughts on “Bati — Delicious New Ethiopian Restaurant Open in Fort Greene

  1. franwise

    the food picture does not do much justice….. ethnic foods are not much about platting bc of their consistency. should have rather put a picture of the staff or the female chefs in the kitchen. that food photo wont lure potentional customers in.

  2. sfree

    I disagree. I don’t really care about the appearance of the wait staff. I want tantalizing food! If you want pretty restaurant people I suggest you go hang out in Tribeca. That’s not what Brooklyn is about.

  3. Cinnamon

    I went last night as well, and the food was delicious! It has been so long since I’ve had really good ethiopian food, and this was delicious! I’m so happy there’s a locally owned, affordable option right down the street. Keep it up, Bati!

  4. steve

    ate there a few nights ago with a date. i did enjoy it, would go back again (but not on a weekly basis). true, food was much more delicious than that photo can show it.

  5. halsey

    You mean to say the photo of the plate full of poop isn’t terribly appetizing!?

    If you’ve had Ethiopian food before you can forgive appearances. Can’t wait to try Bati.

  6. Amy

    At The Greene Grape, we’re excited about Bati opening (haven’t been yet but hope to go Saturday night). Our staff has posted some wine recommendations for Ethiopian food on our blog at including mead (a honeyed wine – ours is made in NY but mead is a traditional Ethiopian drink as well).

  7. johnathan

    ok…so i’ve been waiting for this restaurant to open for a while and it did…it is just as good ethiopian fare as any i’ve had in the city…and we have two now in the BK…thank god……

    As far as the pics…get over it already…they were taken with phone cams…as far as the service…it was very good and even somewhat better than the once i’ve gotten in the upscale restaurants in the hood…

    being from the greenboro i’m glad there are more local eateries that are willing to sever me…wish u well BATI

  8. emilyahn

    i am very excited to hear about the Mead wine pairing ! and i will be sure to try out Bati very soon. on another note, i would like to sound off by saying that i would like a Vietnamese restaurant in the neighborhood. or even a sandwich shop… anyone at Hanco’s interested? i know that they have one on bergen and smith and recently opened a second location in park slope… i have a feeling that one might pop up in a year or two and i’d definitely be a regular patron.

  9. Amy

    Glad you are excited about the pairing! We will be tasting our meads on Valentine’s Day in the Brooklyn wine store from 5-7pm if you want to try (mead is very sweet and not for everyone, though last year it was a huge hit for people who tried it). We also recommend some regular old wines on our blog.

  10. kmley

    Because of the enthusiasm posted herein (and despite the crap photos) we picked up a bottle of Chimay and headed to Bati last week to give it a shot.

    Although we officially live in Clinton Hill (and right on the edge of Bed Stuy, to be exact) and not FG, I would love nothing more than to see a great go-to Ethiopian spot nearby. Unfortunately, from what we experienced, this is not it. Miles away from Ghenet on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn (or its Manhattan location the food was relatively diluted and lacked both a real earthy base and any spiciness to speak of. The injera was too thick, and not well fermented so it brought no sourness to the mix.

    I will say that despite the food, the atmosphere was pleasant and the service was attentive and friendly. Would we try it again? I’m really not sure.

  11. rae

    Went last night and the portions were TINY. We ordered two combo platters which they put on one plate, and the food was barely the size of one combo platter at other ethiopian restaurants in the city. It was good, but the price and the portions were very disapointing. Not at all like the photo you posted.

  12. Liz

    RAE! Did we go the same night??? My friend and I ordered the two combo platters as well and received the same tiny portions that you describe here. And I agree – the price and portions were very disappointing and so we left hungry. I wish them luck but won’t be back.

  13. Beth

    Went last night and I have to say that food was very solid. My friend and I ordered the meat combo platter and it was delicious. That said, I have to agree with previous commenters that the portion sizes were too small. I think the lamb dish, which was very tasty, literally came with 3 small pieces of lamb in it. I’m hoping they will work on this…the food was good enough that I will likely go back and give them at least one more chance.

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