Obama Comes to Clinton Hill

A few readers sent in photos of a new deli opening on Myrtle between Vanderbilt and Clinton named after the leader of our country:


I wonder how many places like this have opened up around the country (and world), and if Obama feels weird seeing them.  At least it’ll be open 24 hours!  (More than I can say for most places in the neighborhood.)  No word on whether Hope will be available.

In related news, I shook President Clinton’s hand last week at a conference where I was speaking.  I have long been a fan of Bill, and I was thrilled to have the experience.  However, I couldn’t help but think that it would have been much cooler to shake Obama’s hand.

11 thoughts on “Obama Comes to Clinton Hill

  1. Kizz

    I noticed that the other day. It is the only 24 hour place on that particular block of Myrtle but there are at least 3 other 24 hour delis in the surrounding 4 blocks so I wonder how they’ll do.

  2. jmb

    Is this close to the A-Rod deli? Someone might as well open up a Big Poppa deli in the neighborhood.

    Anyhow, any reports about the police helicopters that were hovering around outside my window on Sunday morning at 4am for an hour? That was loud…

  3. hyperbole

    I wouldn’t bother being offended by another business, why waste your time? I’m sure they aren’t trying to be offensive. They just opened a Fallafel place right next door (how’s that for diverse), and hopefully it’s a good bodega, there’s no other 24 one on that block. The only other bodega on the block is Tejada, and although I go there all the time for water and beer it’s not that great, and it’s not 24 hours either. Alex bodega is the only one 24 hrs and thats on Myrtle between Vanderbilt and Clermont.

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