Help Find Laika This Weekend

The owners of Laika the dog (who was stolen from outside the Greene Grape) are arranging search parties this weekend, and are providing food and drink to those who want to help out.

Here is the info:

Many people have asked us what they can do to help find Laika. We would like to invite you to help search with us on Saturday. We plan to search at three different times of the day, with lots of flyers and asking lots of people on Fulton, Myrtle and Atlantic Ave Mall.

Beers, food and AC available all day at our house. We meet there first then go out in co-ordinated gangs.

Please let us know which search party you would like to join us on. Our aim is to have a little fun while we do this:


Bring bikes, scooters and roller-blades, we will have 100s of posters to distribute.

Thank you

Natalie Clark Barratt
t – 917 853 7830

For more info, visit the website that has been set up to document leads and information.

21 thoughts on “Help Find Laika This Weekend

  1. Eda

    Our 16 1/2 yr old dog recently escaped from our back yard and my heart was in my throat for 45 minutes until we tracked her down

    We found Bonga and You will find Laika, Good Luck

  2. Kath

    Eda–I’m glad you found Bonga! My heart goes out to Laika’s people. Wish I could be here this weekend to help the search. I know they are probably already doing this, but I recommend they check with the CACC every day just in case he was picked up by Animal Control.

  3. Greenapt

    This makes me hope that someday soon animals will have the same rights as humans (we are no better than them or above them) and the laws much tougher on abuse and theft. Good luck to you. I hope you get your dog back.

  4. KGS

    Yes, SOOOOO glad you found her! But you really should add the info about how you got into the apartment, whether any charges were pressed, etc. I think everyone would like to know. Congrats!!

  5. Bella

    Natalie, I’m glad Laika is home. But the comments to the Laika article on the Brooklyn Paper website from the gentleman who took her (and your thanks to him for taking good care of her) seem to indicate that he won’t be prosecuted and may have had some reason to think (as he says he did) that she’d been abandoned. Speaking as one who spent hours posting flyers and searching for Laika, could you please clarify just how long Laika was tied up outside the Greene Grape before she was taken? Was it, in fact, “hours”? Thank you.

  6. BigBlackPants

    I wonder if a child was missing, would there be this much concern in the neighborhood. Don’t get me wrong, animals are living creatures, but sometimes, I marvel at the level of intensity regarding animals over everyday shootings and missing people.

  7. Tony

    I see The Local has now realized there are some very loose ends in the Laika chronicle as told by her owners, corrected its last post in that regard, and stated it will investigate further to get the full story. And of course if a child were missing, there’d be enormous neighborhood concern – but when’s the last time we were asked to help search for one, with video camera footage provided? I think the “level of intensity” from animal lovers helping in the search was driven partly by the thought of a friendly, confused, aging dog in need of medication getting dehydrated and dying on the street, after the reports she’d been seen alone in the area of the Atlantic Mall. How she went missing in the first place is for her owners to explain – and so far, the story is incomplete, from start to finish. How long was she tied up on the street? Did somebody get the reward? Did the 88th agree there was no case for dognapping? How did the owners retrieve her from behind the locked door, after the end of their report on the “gonelaikagone” blog? Inquiring minds want to know.

  8. greenapt

    Animals deserve the same respect and rights as people. And pet owners would go through the same effort for a pet as they would any other family member.

    You bet the same amount of effort would be put into looking for a missing child. Shame on you for saying there wouldn’t be.

  9. BigBlackPants

    Sorry, I disagree – there have been missing children in the surrounding areas of Fort Greene and I have yet to see one of these blogs post about it…..sorry

  10. Tony

    Could you please define “surrounding areas of Fort Greene” and give a date with an example? Were the blogs in existence at the time, and were they notified? I’ve lived in Clinton Hill for decades and have yet to hear of a massive search in the area being conducted for a missing child, asking neighbors to help or be on the lookout. Getting the word out is half the battle.

  11. luke

    Marecer…what happened was this owner decided to tie up her beloved dog for who knows how long. Fulton Street is an incredibly busy street and no animal should be left alone tied up for any length of time. I’ve seen this dog tied up before for extensive lengths of time around the ‘hood. I’m glad the owners have their dog back, I just hope from this tragedy comes a better appreciation of animal ownership.

  12. hyperbole

    Is this the same dog tied up in front of Tillies? It’s messed up to leave your dog tied outside for so long, especially in the heat. But who the hell steals a dog? I WANT to know what happened with those two people who thought they were being slick.

  13. Tony

    Maybe it’s time for some intrepid area journalist to file a FOIL request with the 88th Precinct, since there was a detective on this case. If the dog was really tied up as long as some people in this thread think she might have been, though, perhaps the cops think they can’t make a case for deliberate theft…the folks that took the dog might just say she was out there so long they were justified in thinking she was abandoned. Someone on The Local blog hinted this AM that the owners were being advised by their attorney not to answer questions. If that’s true, wonder why not?

  14. Tony

    Joe Lentol’s office has to have more information. We should insist on getting it from our elected rep who’s involved in this and was photographed with the owners.

  15. GA

    People. You don’t hear about missing children on this blog because the people probably didn’t contact this blog. Let’s say thanks the dog is back to its owner and lesson be learned NEVER LEAVE YOUR DOG UNATTENDED!

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