Wedding Vendors

I’ve been promising these for awhile – the local vendors I am using for my wedding, plus a few more for you brides-to-be looking for resources.

Flowers – Root Stock & Quade
Ever since John and Kerry opened their shop on Myrtle, I have loved their aesthetic.  The store is gorgeous and they have done a lovely job with arrangements I have had delivered or have had them put together for me on-site.  It was really fun to meet with Kerry and plan out the flower designs.

Cake – Desserts by Michael Allen
Perhaps the friendliest business in the ‘hood, and the sweets are amazing.  Michael and his wife Marvel sat down with Will and I to plan out a very unique and fun cake, which will include a fruitcake top that we can eat on our one-year anniversary.  No, I am not going to tell you what the design is, but I will post photos after the wedding!

Transportation – Myrtle Car Service
Since we’re not doing a church wedding and won’t have to make any grand entrances or exits, I figured I wouldn’t need any overpriced limo service with a minimum hourly requirement.  Myrtle always comes when I call.

Pre-pre wedding dinner – Il Porto
I originally looked into Il Porto for our rehearsal dinner, but since our venue is in Park Slope we decided to choose something we could walk to after the rehearsal.  However, since a few close family members are arriving in town on Thursday afternoon, we figured an intimate local dinner would be perfect.  The brick oven pizzas are to die for and owner Joe and his staff always take care of me.

Pre-Wedding Mani-Pedi – Polish Bar
The girly atmosphere and hottest polish colors are my go-to for fancy occasions.


Venue : The Montauk Club, Park Slope
Located on 8th and Lincoln right near Grand Army Plaza, the Montauk Club is an ornate old mansion and social club that we thought would make the perfect setting for a Brooklyn wedding.  It’s a pretty good deal per person, and not too far from the hood.

Special Thanks To…

Fort Greene Park
I originally met Will’s sister at off-leash hours with our dogs a few years back.  She introduced me to her brother at a BBQ the two hosted in Bed-Stuy in 2007.  Thank you Marshmallow, Buttercup, Martha and off-leash hours!

Choice Market
Where Will and I picked up lunch to go on our first date, before heading out to Rockaway beach for a picnic.

10 thoughts on “Wedding Vendors

  1. DP

    congrats from me too. one thing: do the recommendations after the wedding not before!! it means more if you know they came through. I had a lot of confidence in my BK vendors too, but a couple of them let me down, car service big-time (not yours). watch them like a hawk, and double check everything. make sure the dispatcher who arranged your cars is actually working that night. re-read your catering contract. Good luck & have a great day!

  2. emily

    Michael Allen, Il Porto, Choice Market? Very nice taste, indeed! Definitely the best desserts and pizza at the first two; I think Il Porto is a weekly order here!

    Can’t wait to hopefully see pictures of the cake!

  3. Michael

    Pratt Car Service (relatively new I think) will allow you to schedule cars in advance and has a VIP service where the drivers will come nicely dressed in newer, nicer vehicles. I just got married in July and they were very helpful.

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