Don't Upzone Lefferts Place

It’s important for communities to come together to protect the neighborhood and promote responsible development.  Currently, a developer is trying to pull some backhanded moves on Lefferts Place, where they are trying to upzone the street in order to build a large senior resident complex.

More info, and a petition to support blocking the upzoning, follows from the Society for Clinton Hill:

Dear Friends:

Our neighbors on Lefferts Place and St. James are in need of help. They are concerned about the plans of a company called CNR which provides assisted care and housing for seniors. They want to build a new facility on Lefferts Place, which is a gorgeous street with beautiful brownstones, some free-standing mansions, and very old row houses.

The problem is that CNR wants to build a building larger than our R6B zoning allows. They do have options such as:

a) build a structure that conforms to the zoning regulations,

b) apply for a variance for that one building,

c) locate the building on Atlantic Avenue or Fulton Street which have the zoning they would need and those streets need development.

d) find another more appropriate location all together.

Unfortunately, what CNR apparently wants to do is to change the zoning on the entire block to be the same as that on Atlantic and Fulton. (As you know, when developers are pursuing your block, you have a hard time getting the full and accurate story in time to do anything. And, what you are told constantly changes. This situation is no different.)

Of course, the immediate community and we are extremely concerned about this. First, and obviously, what would this mean about our years of work to get the new zoning? Would every developer just go in and undo what years of work produced? And, if CNR really just wants to build one building and isn’t planning to do more on that beautiful street, why would they want the entire block up-zoned??

Consequently, our friends on Lefferts Place are circulating a petition to demonstrate that the community opposes the audacious proposal to change the zoning we all worked so hard for years to achieve. We don’t need or want giant structures within the brownstone buildings. The Planning Commission, City Council, CB2 and others agreed with and approved the down-zoning, so this planned request is a slap in the face to everyone, and specifically to all those who live on this quiet residential street.

Please support our Lefferts Place neighbors by signing the attached petition and forwarding it on to others who support keeping Clinton Hill at a Clinton Hill scale.

18 thoughts on “Don't Upzone Lefferts Place

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  3. Osito

    I support the new housing. It’s extremely selfish and coldhearted to try and deny old folks a place to stay, just so your block can stay “pretty” or whatever.

    And I don’t see why people would want to downzone NYC. If anything, most parts of NYC could use an upzoning. The whole point of NYC is an urban, dense place reliant on transit.

  4. Linda

    CNR can build a building that conforms to the rules, or can request a variance. Why are they after the entire block? Seniors can live happily in a building that conforms to the zoning.

  5. stickler

    Without taking sides on this issue, I think it is kind of a misrepresentation to call CNR “a developer.” I mean, if a manufacturer builds a new factory, does the act of construction make them “a developer?” Kind of, I suppose, but not to me.

  6. junkyard

    does anyone know if the developers have filed a ULURP for the rezoning?

    Variance won’t fly on a piece of land like this because it’s not irregular enough to warrant a hardship.

  7. heather

    I understand not wanting the area to be changed. I grew up on the Upper West Side and Condos have moved in because of the condos they changed the views and the area. I miss the rocks that use to be by St. John Devinine and I miss the view of the stepel of Ascension Church. But these aren’t condo’s we are talking about. These are homes for the elder and it’s hard for me to say that they shouldn’t build them. Many of the elder need assistant living. My grandma lives in a building for those 50 and up because after my grandpa died there was no need for her to live by herself in a 3 bedroom aptarment and she refused to live with my aunt. A lot of elder find themselves in these situations or find that they/their family can not take care of them. It is a bit selfish to say I don’t want this building being built because it is going to a good cause. It’s not like they are forcing people out to building million dollar condos.

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  11. Michael Corley

    Development is inevitable in every neighborhood in Brooklyn.

    Responsible development should be the guiding principle.

    The cause, while benefiting a corporation, appears to serve an already under served constituent: our older citizens.

    Sometimes we have to think of more than just our need to have uniformity of block architecture.

    It seems responsible to have housing for residents that need assisted living care in a neighborhood that could support it’s development.

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  14. anonymous

    I grew up on Lefferts Place and that lot has been abandoned for years and an eyesore. I am not opposed to the 6 story building, something needs to be built! It has been about 40 years since anything other than an eyesore was there!

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