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'Hood in the News

Links to other news stories in the neighborhood:

  • FAB offers grants to local businesses to help them with assessment cost [Brooklyn Eagle]
  • A thorough review of Kush Cafe []
  • Nero Doro’s opening noted in TimeOut [TONY]
  • CB2 seeks better bike connections through Fort Greene [Streetsblog]
  • No. 7 team to open high end sub shop in Manhattan [NYT’s Diner’s Journal]
  • Police car window shot [The Local] (someone told me that someone was shot in the buttock – or was that a separate incident?)
  • Happy 6th Birthday, Karen’s Body Beautiful! [Myrtle Minutes]
  • The Many Faces of Myrtle [Forgotten NY] (always a favorite resource for city history)

Official Post Office Announcement from CB2

This came yesterday from Community Board 2:


BROOKLYN NY  11205-9997

Effective Monday, February 22, 2010, the carriers for Pratt Station Post Office have relocated to the Metro Station Post Office at 47 Debevoise St; 11206 until further notice.  Pratt Station Post Office needs to undergo emergency building repairs.  There is a building structural problem and it needs immediate attention.  Depending on the actual depth and severity of the problem, Pratt Station could be closed from 6 to 8 weeks, if not longer.

The retail windows may be kept open for a week or longer until Saturday, February 27, 2010.  However, there will be Mobile Units in front of Pratt Station to accomodate the community.

We will keep you posted as changes occur.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience during this transition.

Brooklyn Post Office

Why is there no mention of actual stuff like where packages will be?

Update: I have just emailed Councilwoman James’ office to ask about packages and getting news out to the community as to what will be changed during this time.

Myrtle Post Office to be Closed for Three Months

Pratt Post Office employees apparently found out this past weekend that the post office (serving 11205) will be closed for an estimated three months for construction.  Allegedly, the building is sinking (!!!) and in need of repair, and will close at the end of this week.  Trailers outside will assist with stamp sales and other business.

It sounds like the mail will be rerouted through a few different stations during this time.  Sounds like a cl*sterf*k to me.

It seemed to me like 11205 was in much better shape than Adelphi Station.  There has long been a battle over which PO was worse, and I think Pratt takes the cake on this one.  Good luck ever getting your packages!

Anyone heard anything else about this?

Lunchtime With Tillie: Brooklyn Flea

Hey everyone, it’s Team LWT back with another installment of Lunchtime With Tillie. Sorry we missed you last week: Yours truly was a little slack on getting Baby T out of the house to eat. (Don’t worry; we had food in the house for her!) But since we didn’t get out and about, we decided to make up for that with a trip that brought multiple food places together under one roof, the Brooklyn Flea at 1 Hanson Place.

I’ve been trying to arrange a trip there for the family for weeks now, but I usually do some freelance work on Saturdays a million miles away in Westchester County and by the time I have to start my trip by plane, train and automobile to get to the job, Tillie’s just waking up from her nap. But I was off this past Saturday, and my flea market mission was not to be denied!

So as soon as T woke up from her midmorning nap, I loaded her up in her stroller to go there, where Tillie’s mom was waiting for us. Tillie’s mom had been out all morning looking at wedding dresses (she’s getting married to a really awesome dude, I hear) and beat us to the place. We talked on my way there and she volunteered to hop in the line where they were serving pupusas. Since I had been saying for months—since the outdoor Flea days—that I wanted to try a pupusa, this was greatly appreciated.

After finally arriving there, we were all set to head downstairs, but there was a slight snag. As I mentioned a few sentences ago, I threw Tillie in the stroller to take her to the Flea. We have an Ergo carrier, but I had only worn it once at that point and I had NO idea how to put it on by myself in backpack mode: Parents out there, I’m sure you understand. Anyway, back to the snag; there was no elevator to get down to the food. No worries as I just carried her down, but it was a lot of stairs to deal with and sometimes it could be said I might have a wee bit of a lazy side.

We got down there and quickly found Tillie’s mom standing in line. Tillie was kind of lethargic on our way down to the Flea, but perked up some when she saw mommy! I un-strollered her and off she went into TM’s waiting arms, joining her to get the much-awaited pupusas.

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CH in the News

It’s time to check in with other local blogs and news sites to see what else is going on locally:

  • One Greene Sushi not compensating its workers [The Local] (I have never liked their sushi, personally)
  • $1 million price cut at 380 Clinton Ave [Brownstoner] (Imagine being able to make a million dollar price cut and still make a profit.)
  • Brooklyn’s most eligible bachelor lives in Clinton Hill! [Courier Life] (I snagged Bed-Stuy’s most eligible bachelor – IMHO- in September- sorry, ladies!)
  • Clinton Hill Duo competing in Olympic blogging [NBC]
  • Three luxury cars stolen from DMK Garage on Waverly [The Local] (Damn, I used to park there!  And you think your car is safer being parked inside.  Though thankfully, my inherited 10-year-old car with manual crank windows and a cassette player is far from luxury)
  • Clermont Greene cutting prices [Curbed] (I looked at some of these units with a friend a few months ago – some were very nice some were “meh.”  Nice building, though.)
  • Time Out NY’s Reasons to Love Fulton Street [TONY]
  • Choice Dumbo opens [Brownstoner] (look at all that seating!  JEALOUS.)