Classon Ave Shooting

This just in to us via Twitter, six minutes ago:

Someone got shot at Classon Bet Dekalb and Lafayette

Anyone have details?  That’s right outside the precinct.

14 thoughts on “Classon Ave Shooting

  1. Caryn

    sorry – a bit frazzled from having been 45 sec. away from being caught in crossfire. Please amend the second sentence to “The teen who fired the shots ran into Lafayette Gardens.”

  2. Yolee

    I was just going to run out and get a diet pepsi when I heard the shots. I’ve been thinking of relocating to L.I. for abit, I think this helped me make up my mind.

  3. drewt

    Anyone claiming to be from Clinton Hill that doesn’t know what LG means is just a transplant (yet another displaced midwesterner ruining the neighborhood and driving up prices)

  4. frenchbull

    @drewt – your attitude sucks. non-native new yorkers moving into clinton hill do not drive up prices, rents are decided upon by the landlords and property owners in clinton hill. comments like that just make you look totally ignorant.

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