My Brooklyn "Stoop" (Sponsored Post)

I am pleased to announce that Clinton Hill Blog has been selected as a partner site for Absolut Vodka’s launch of Absolut Brooklyn, a new apple-ginger flavor developed in partnership with Spike Lee that celebrates Brooklyn stoop life.

As part of today’s big launch, I’m supposed to share my “stoop story” with readers.  Problem is, I don’t have a stoop!  But I do have a courtyard, which is just as good in the Brooklyn sense.

When I moved to Clinton Hill, I was looking for the type of community that I always imagined existed in NYC but I hadn’t yet been able to find — a place where people said good morning to one another, and put down roots.  In my last building in Hell’s Kitchen, my neighbors wouldn’t even make simple eye contact with me, even though I looked at them hopefully every time, hoping we’d at least be able to smile and say hello.  And I certainly found that in Clinton Hill.

My building (and several others) face in toward a lovely courtyard with wooden benches and large, shady trees.  The benches are, as Brooklyn relaxation spots are known to be, reflective of the buildings and the neighborhood.  Every day, the old time residents set up shop to exchange neighborhood gossip.  New mothers sit rocking babies in the breeze.  Young people wait for their friends to meet up before heading out for some NYC adventure.  Whether you’re stopping to sit and chat or just passing through — on the way to do the laundry, get your heels fixed at the place across the street, or picking up some groceries — the courtyard is always a buzzing hive of conversation, fixed and in transit.  The courtyard has contributed to my tardiness on several occasions when I’ve run into a neighbor that I just have to stop and catch up with, and has also been a place where I’ve met new people. Just off of the courtyard, my neighbors and I have cheered on marathoners every November, sipping hot chocolate and hosting brunches.

I often have parties at my place, and my non-local friends always marvel at the fact that I actually invite neighbors.  If they’d spent any time in the courtyard, it would be obvious – we’re all working together to cultivate our co-op equivalent of the Brooklyn Stoop.  And it’s a really awesome asset to be able to share with my friends and neighbors.

Full disclosure: I received a bottle of ABSOLUT BROOKLYN and a pretty cool flip camera for writing about stoop life and stoop culture in Brooklyn! Any post displaying the Absolut seal is a sponsored post.

12 thoughts on “My Brooklyn "Stoop" (Sponsored Post)

  1. Ed

    Absolutely agree. My wife and I had the same experience you talk about in Manhattan on the UES. Since we moved from there to the same apartments you talk about we have marveled and reveled in having neighbours who interact with you. The community aspect and “neighbourliness” of the apartments, the courtyard and other common areas, and indeed the neighbourhood around is fantastic.

  2. Mike

    Disappointed you’d stoop (har har) to the level of a paid spokesperson for Absolut. How much did they pay you for this plug? I think your readers have a right to know.

  3. none

    As a collaborator, we’d love to work with you to celebrate Brooklyn, including:

    · A feature as our “Blogger of the Week” on ABSOLUT VODKA’s Facebook page (reaching half a million fans!)

    · VIP access to a celebrity event in Brooklyn we are planning for early June

    · Special call-out as a key collaborator during the Fifth Annual Brooklyn Blogfest on June 8

    · Gift of a Flip camera to capture all the action this summer

    · Gift of product that has yet to hit store shelves

  4. ENY

    “that Clinton Hill Blog has been selected as a partner site for Absolut Vodka’s launch”

    SELECTED? Ha Ha! You mean you SIGNED ON:

    “As a creative visionary and voice of your community, we’d like to let you in on the secret by asking you to join us in a viral, underground effort. By agreeing to participate, you will sign on to celebrate Brooklyn in a manner befitting of this beloved borough, and will receive exclusive access to product, information and events before anyone else. In addition, we will ensure that your name and your blog are a very special part of all the big news.”

  5. MFan

    I just saw the subway ads for this while waiting for the G last night. Good job of them to target their advertising along that line! I really can’t believe Spike Lee’s name is on this though. Dude must be hurtin’.

  6. MFan

    Also- the best irony to me about this whole thing being an alcohol product is that in all the years I’ve lived here, I always seem to get at least one summons for… having a drink on my (or a friend’s) stoop. In fact, it’s almost a tradition now for us to celebrate the coming of warmer months by gettin’ a summons.

    You see, our stoops are the kinds without gates (like on the bottle illustration!), which thus makes it illegal to drink on them. A glass of wine, a bottle of beer, whatever; it’s all technically verboten because there’s nothing demarcating the steps from the sidewalk.

    The tickets are just $25 (still cheaper than a bar!), and half of the time they get thrown out, but do the filth not have anything better to do around here?

  7. lesterhead

    Indeed, I did receive a Flip camera and a bottle of Absolut Brooklyn. Every sponsored post will include a special seal. And there is now a disclosure on this post.

    Why did I decide to work with them? Well, I actually thought the idea of writing about stoop culture in Brooklyn was a cool one and fit in with what I like to cover on this site. I wouldn’t do a sponsored post about something that didn’t mesh with what I thought spoke to the culture of the neighborhood. The next post will be about a Habitat for Humanity project just over the CH border, which I also think is cool.

    Also, are recreational blogs subject to FTC regulations? I honestly don’t know the answer.

    No matter your thoughts on the Absolut sponsorship, I hope you’ll share your stories about stoop life, or your interpretation of it.

  8. nobody

    No, disclosure laws do not apply.

    That said, it’s pretty disappointing that CHB has decided to start posting paid ads for vodka while not thinking it necessary to mention that they’re being compensated for it.

    This whole Absolut Brooklyn thing is pretty sad, and I’ve lost a fair amount of respect for the blogs that participated without making it clear how they were being compensated. Nothing wrong with getting some in return for posts – I’m also a blogger and make zero money from the blog – but when ads are disguised as content is lessens the credibility of the blog.

  9. BonnyPrinceBilly Post author

    @nobody and haters: did you not see that lesterhead put a disclosure on the post? And who made you so high and mighty to be the moral judge of others? Nobody who is without sin sure will cast the first stone — because he’s an anonymous hypocrite.

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