Chocolate Croissants: Choice Market

Choice Market, at Lafayette and Fulton, was a beacon of gentrification when it opened a few years ago.  Their food is amazing, but the lines and the store setup are not.

chocolate croissant from choice market

Price: $2.25

Chocolate Distribution: One row of chocolate

Outside Appearance: Shiny

Description: While this croissant was a touch on the greasy side, the taste was just about perfect – buttery and light, with just a little bit of crisp in the outer bread.  This pastry offers layers of airy bread that just about melts in your mouth. One of a kind, at least in my hunt, and the price is even on the lower end comparatively.

Score: 9 (WINNER)

8 thoughts on “Chocolate Croissants: Choice Market

  1. KG

    Honestly, in my opinion; that croissant resembles a day old, refried chocolate croissant borrowed from Dunkin Donuts!
    Croissants to me, are cone like ends of a horseshoe shaped, light, crisp, fluffy dough roll.
    Best wishes to the new proprietors!

  2. LT

    Almondine in DUMBO is a bit far but if you’re really hankering for the real thing I bet they’ll have the best chocolate croissants (though call ahead to make sure they have them). Almondine has the best baguettes, even better than 99.9% of Parisian bakeries, and everything I’ve tasted from there is totally French and top notch.

  3. Dahlia

    I love Choice, which I think are the best in the neighborhood, though new spot Beny’s Delice on Fulton and Clinton is good too, but best in New York? Zabars. Hands down. Amazing.

  4. roger

    The almond croissant @ Choice is a marvelous creation. Tastes like it’s been fried. I’m pretty sure I’ve traded 2 weeks of life for its delights.

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