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Props for Urban Vintage

Back during my first visit to Urban Vintage, I noted what a lovely space it would be to host a bridal shower.  Thought I’d share this brief note from a reader about a recent baby shower:

Wanted to share with you the great baby shower I had at Urban Vintage this past weekend. The ladies there are so great and put together a wonderful event. They even made the cutest cupcake boxes for guests to take with them that had my name and date of the shower on it. Very happy they are in the neighborhood!

Nice!  I love to hear about people staying local for their special events. Check out the space if you’re looking to organize a small event.

Urban Vintage
294 Grand Avenue

Deep Fried Pizza?

I haven’t had the time to actually check this out in person yet, but the description sounds intriguing:

Hi, I just wanted to tell you about a new pizza place that is on Myrtle right off Classon. I think it’s called Vino’s, though I don’t quiet remember right now…you should probably double check that…It’s in the same spot that another pizza place used to be but it’s a new name / new owners and unlike the last spot, this one is actually really good. Not sure if I can say it’s better than il porto pizza, but they do have deep fried slices and I doubt any other clinton hill spot has that….

Deep fried pizza!  I’ve never heard of this period, never mind just in Clinton Hill!  Might be worth a trip back to the Hill to check this out.

Have you tried it?

NabeWise Profiles CH

A website called recently contacted me about their site, which helps New Yorkers (and people in a few other cities) find the right neighborhood for them.  Of course, I looked up Clinton Hill to see what it had to say:

Clinton Hill is home to the Pratt Institute and beautiful late 19th century mansions. The area is a mecca for students, creatives, and families seeking a more affordable alternative to Manhattan, or even from neighboring Fort Greene. Home to brownstone-restoration enthusiasts, Clinton Hill is also celebrated for an ever increasing number of foodie restaurants and independent boutiques.

According to the page, the neighborhood is good for empty nesters, singles and families.   Site users who live in CH also identified the neighborhood as having: students, gay/lesbians, liberals, hipsters and “beautiful people.”

It ranks other neighborhood characteristics such as cleanliness (“somewhat clean”), community (“strong”), and hip factor (“very trendy”).  If you play FourSquare, it also lists the most popular venues for check-ins (Choice and Mike’s).  It also displays transit options, an area map, and adjacent neighborhoods.

The photos on the site are pretty captivating, and it’s fun to see how the nabe compares to other neighborhoods in NYC.  What do you think of the site’s presentation of Clinton Hill?  Leave a comment or review that reflects your experience!

One complaint: the site creates a new neighborhood near the Navy Yard called “Navy Hill.”  That’s news to me.  Last I checked it was Wallabout.

A/C Trains to Stay Running (Instead of Becoming Fish Colonies)

Ugh. I often feel like the A/C line will be the very last to see new train cars.  And now that suspicion is validated.  AM NY recently reported that the MTA’s decided to keep them in service even longer than scheduled, instead of tossing them into the ocean.  I’m sure the G is not even in the plan for new trains.

How nice are those super new trains that show all of the upcoming stops (and thus can be programmed for any line, instead of having to see the “this route not in service” light on the 4,5 when you’re in a 1,2,3 car)?  The only thing I don’t like about them is the fact that they all have their letter / number in red on the front car.  Part of the fun is seeing the colored circle rounding the corner into the station.

Renting in Clinton Hill: 1955

Sometimes, the strangest stuff happens.  For example, one day we came home and went upstairs to inspect some of the reno work we’re doing, and the contractor had left behind some little slips of old newspaper from 1955 that had seemingly been in a wall or in the floor (it’s amazing what kinds of treasures are hidden in an old home). One of the slips was apartment rental listings, and what do you know- there were some listings on Clinton Avenue!  Check out the below, which lists an apartment at 286 Clinton Ave for just $90 a month.


Here’s the building courtesy of Google Maps:


Too bad the rest had been torn away, but it was almost like the old neighborhood was sending me a little hello.