313 Clinton Avenue Presents: The Vampire Opera

The banner’s just been hung outside 313 Clinton Avenue to announce this year’s theatrical production: The Vampire Opera.

The Vampire Opera

The show team has already been hard at work for the last few months on costumes, set design and more.

Halloween Prep at 313 Clinton Ave

Halloween Prep at 313 Clinton Ave

What has your favorite Halloween production at 313 been?

8 thoughts on “313 Clinton Avenue Presents: The Vampire Opera

  1. Halloween Lady

    Why thank you folks for the kind comments. It takes up about 8 months of my life, but Clinton Hill has given me the best life one could ask for, with good friends, great talent, and people who like to have fun.
    As long as I can breathe, walk, and paint we will still have a show on the lawn for all to enjoy!
    Cheers from the Vampire herself;
    Janna …aka the Halloween lady!

  2. sam

    so i’ve is this the sat before halloween or sunday, actual halloween? does anyone know if they are blocking clinton off on saturday, when many people will go out?

  3. Carola Burroughs

    How about telling us what time the show will be?! the website has no information!! [and it was actually blocked the first time I tried to look at it.]

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