What's New, Clinton Hill?

Lesterhead here. I just now got around to updating our “About” page, to explain that daily posting ended in July 2010.

It’s been almost a year since I left the neighborhood. The homesickness was honestly heartbreaking for a long time, but I’ve slowly acclimated to a new setting. (In case you were wondering, we moved to Stuyvesant Heights.)

I was visiting friends back at the CH Co-Op this afternoon and realized how much has changed – new businesses on Myrtle (a Polish food restaurant!), organic produce at the Associated on Waverly, etc. But also, how much has stayed the same – the glorious magnolias!

Would love to hear from residents and old friends – what’s new in the nabe? What’s changed in the last year? What blogs are you reading these days?

xo- LH

2 thoughts on “What's New, Clinton Hill?

  1. Cadman Congregational Church

    Art on the Lawn, presented by Cadman Congregational Church 350 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn NY. Three Saturdays in June (11,18 and 25–10am to 12pm)children of all ages will create wonderful art on the lawn. $25 for all Saturday sessions or $10 per session. Sibling discounts are available.

    Call for more information 347-351-2348

  2. charlie

    New Restaurant on Classon & Fulton

    Alice’s Arbor is a local farm to table restaurant and a gourmet store selling farm produces, and local organics groceries . It has a warm and comfortable atmosphere featuring recycled ad re-purposed natural materials in its décor. The gourmet market feature fresh produce from local farms, artisanal American cheeses and cured meats, soups, sandwiches and salads, as well as organic packaged goods. The menu is based on seasons and change quiet often, the wines are organics or naturals.
    The Address is: 549 Classon Ave

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