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Wine Shop on Atlantic?

I’ve been having a problem with the CHB comments (meaning they’re not getting sent to my email), so I apologize if I am delayed in responding to anything.

But I just noticed a comment about a new wine shop on Atlantic, down near where the fresh fruit shop operated briefly.  I’ll try to check it out this week, but if anyone has any details, please leave them in the comments.

UPDATE: Here‘s more info from the Village Voice.

Speaking of Closures…


Sunday morning I walked over to Choice to enjoy my favorite weekend indulgence- a chocolate croissant while walking the dog.  While there, I wondered how Choice Atlantic was faring.  I had almost forgotten about stumbling across it earlier this year with glee.  So, I headed down to Atlantic, only to find it was closed!  A quick blog search found notice of the closure on Eater and Brownstoner mentioned as being “temporary” back in late August – early September.  Not so good for an outpost that just opened up earlier this year.


Despite things looking up for Atlantic Avenue in the last few years, it seems to have petered out.  Frank White claimed to have just  moved just down the street, but I can never seem to find it when I drive by.  And remember that fresh fruit shop on Atlantic back in 2008?  That came and went like lightening.

Frank White: Reincarnated

Good news – Frank White hasn’t left us after all!

I just received the following email:

Sunday March 29, 2009 5:00 pm EDT

For all things to grow, they must evolve.

This axiom has become the primary motivation behind Frank White’s transition from café to full- fledged gallery/design space.

Situated just a few doors down from our original location, we’ve streamlined our space and refined our mission to provide a creative outlet for emerging and established artists, authors, lecturers, brands, products, and events.

What to expect:

Exhibitions (art + graphics + product)
Film Screenings
Open Discussions
Fashion Exchange
Art Lessons (adult + children)
Intimate Performance

The space will also house the offices of Sun in Leo marketing|pr| events, soulwerx design/media, and RoaringBull Publishing and provide the following services: art licensing, Loft paintings, murals, publishing, brand strategy, marketing, P.R., and product design.

We extend our deepest gratitude and acknowledgement to our friends and family who have made Frank White an award winning venture and please know that although the waffles are gone for good, Frank White will continue as THE social and artistic destination for the progressive and global in Brooklyn.

Stay tuned to the spring 2009 re-launch and calendar of events.

Reminisce with images from our past:
Visualize the future.

Frank White Design Gallery
926 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238

I’m very excited to see what the new space will be like.  It did seem as though their strength was fun film, media and cultural events, so perhaps they’ve found their groove and are moving forward.  Though I wouldn’t be opposed if they decided to bring the waffle bar and the wallpaper with them!

Another Casualty to the Economy?

Terrible news! I received a tip that the Atlantic Avenue space that housed Frank White has a For Rent sign in the window.  The tipster said that the place had been cleared out, except for the wallpaper.


I haven’t had time to go look for myself or snap a pic, but I’m very saddened by this news.  The space was gorgeous and unique, and I had no idea they were having troubles.

Anyone have anything further??


Choice Atlantic Now Open!

Received the following report from a neighbor who lives near Atlantic:

It was open [Sunday], albeit not at full capacity yet.  Inside the hours say 6am – 9pm, but outside it said something else, I think it was 8am – 7pm.  There was only one worker inside, who was transferred over from the Lafayette store for the day, so he didn’t really know when they would be expanding to full hours.  Right now they have just pastries, coffee and bottled juices, but they’ll be expanding to have burgers, breakfast sandwiches and omelettes, and prepackaged sandwiches. Oh, and the best part, no line!  There’s no room for sitting down, but since its just a few blocks down Atlantic, I see it being a regular place to pick up some croissants for breakfast back at our place.

Another neighbor who stopped in reports:

It would be a great place to stop for someone on their way to the Franklin stop (from Crown Heights) or to pick up some bread or dessert if you are on this side of the neighborhood. It’s a welcome addition to our family of great places for small bites (Outpost, Brown Betty & Michael Allen’s).
I think my neighbors and I might see if they can put a bench out front for quick bites with the dog (not that sitting out on Atlantic is very pleasant).

Here‘s a short blurb from the Times on the new Choice locale.

Choice Atlantic
999 Atlantic Ave (at Grand)
(718) 636-8996

Even More Street Construction and Disturbances?

Received these emails recently:

  • I live at the corner of St. James Place and Atlantic Avenue.  Today, construction crews started digging up the street yet again – I think it’s the third time in three years.  I asked the crew what was going on and they said that they’re first testing the water pipes and then plan on digging up more of the street to replace water pipes.  I said “The street was just paved.  Does that mean that there’s no coordination between street paving and water mains?”  The guy replied with a smile, “Yes.”  I was pretty horrified by this – what a waste of tax dollars.  I noticed them digging on Waverly as well.  I’d like to try to find the most productive way to suggest to the Bloomberg administration that coordination of road work may save lots of unneeded spending.  Thoughts?
  • There was a road construction crew at the intersection of Gates and Waverly working until 3 AM last night, making lots of noise and rattling the buildings. How on earth is it legal to do work that late at night? I called 311 around 12:40, and they claimed they’d send someone out to investigate. Of course, the work continued for another 2.5 hours.

Apparently National Grid is not held to noise pollution rules, and may work 24-7.

Anyone else being kept up late?

"Barack Obama: A Collection of Portraits" opens at The Gallery @ Exotic Home Gardens

A new art show on Atlantic Avenue, with works by five local artists, focuses on the man, the myth, the legend: Barack Obama.  The show was organized by Jean Patrick Icart Pierre and included his work as well as pieces by Rico Anderson, John M. Graham, Jean Dominique Volcy, and Nandi Icart Pierre.  I spoke to Jean Patrick and he said he didn’t take more than a couple phone calls to gather interest and set this project in motion.  As you’ll see by the photos from the exhibition, the portraits are an eclectic mix that range from renderings of Obama the super hero to a dignified grey scale work.

The opening itself was a very pleasant wine and cheese and vegetable dip affair.  The exhibition will continue until February 28th.  I suggest that everyone attend and support the local talent that, through their artwork, are promulgating Obama’s mantras of hope and change.

(photos by Carrie Ford and David Hamiter)

The Gallery @ Exotic Home Gardens
1213A Atlantic Ave Brooklyn NY( between Bedford & Nostrand Ave) 718-230-1536
January 17th-February 28th.

Local Duo, Sparkly Fin, (sort of) Release First Album! Local Duo, Sparkly Fin, (sort of) Release First Album!

They are really releasing an album but they are only sort of local.  1/2 of the group Sparkly Fin live in Clinton Hill.  This half of the group is named Emily, who provides the vocals, and she decided to stay in the hood after graduating from Pratt this past May.  The other half is tastefully called Joseph, who lives in Baltimore, and he provides all other instrumentation.  This week (1/27/09) they are releasing their first album, High Pive.

Sparkly Fin fit nicely into the cotillion of contemporary bands who embrace the electro-acoustic spectrum with heart and soul.  Their myspace page used to proclaim that sounded like “Kate Bush kissing a pinball machine.”  While I agree with their self-diagnosis, I will offer my own egregious (yet loving) analogy: Otis Redding making out with M. I. A. at a bris hosted for any male offspring of Thom Yorke.  What I’m saying, in lay terms, is that they are very sensitive to their tone, which usually doesn’t get such attention in predominantly electronic music.  Also, they have an undeniably eclectic pop sensibility that contains sincerity as well as irony in a seemingly unpretentious way.  This sets them apart from the ideas that usually seem to spring out of the invisible retinues that follow around many a BK band.  Plain and simple, it’s electro-pop music that is built to last.  As a final addendum, they encourage dancing.

To celebrate the release they are going to be having an intimate performance this coming Saturday (1/31/09) at Emily’s apartment on Atlantic at 10pm.   Email the band for address/directions.

If you missed any of the hyperlinks:

We Love Biggie Brunch @ Frank White: TODAY

In conjunction with the opening of the film, NOTORIOUS, Frank White will host the ‘WE LOVE BIGGIE BRUNCH’ – an afternoon of waffles and the freshest BIG music tributes EVER, featuring music by:


$5 waffle specicals + complimentary lil’ kim size coffee all day!

This week has been the NOTORIOUS @ FRANK WHITE week.

-Actor/MC Gravy who plays BIG in NOTORIOUS did his NY Times photo shoot + interview @ Frank White (Thanks Jon Caramanica!)

-Frank White featured in Time OUT NY feature on Brooklyn BIG walk

frank white
936 atlantic avenue @ st. james
brooklyn, ny 11238