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Fresh Fruit on Kent Ave.

fruit shack on kent

In a most unlikely place for a fresh fruit stand, a small building on Kent Ave just south of Myrtle has been painted bright orange and transformed into a makeshift produce shop.

I stopped in to check it out and as promised, prices were good.  And I mean GOOD.  A selection:

potatoes: 35 cents / lb
red onions: 49 cents / lb
garlic bulbs: 5/$1


The folks running the place, who said they’d been open for four weeks now, were very friendly.  If you live nearby, it’ definitely worth stopping by.

Atlantic Yards Rally: Saturday

From SCH:

Recent conditions have caused Forest City Ratner to put an indefinite hold on the signature buildings (like “Miss Brooklyn” and the “Urban Room”) and the public housing at Atlantic Yards.

People are asking ever more loudly, where are the benefits and why is he knocking down buildings when he is not planning to build for decades?

The Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods (of which SCH is a member), Brooklyn Speaks, and Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn (of which SCH is a supporter), along with various elected officials are holding a rally to call on Governor Patterson to take a Time Out and put a hold on demolitions, unnecessary changes to infrastructure, huge public subsidies and the displacement of residents and businesses. There has to be a better way!

Join everyone at a Rally next weekend, May 3rd, Pacific Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt at 2 PM.

As you may know, Council members James, Yassky and DeBlasio have written requesting a hold on further public monies being spent and Council member DeBlasio has called for a moratorium on demolitions.

So, whatever you are doing on May 3rd, there’s time to join the Rally. Make this one count. Our neighborhoods need you.

DDDB Meeting Thursday

Come to March 13th DDDB Community Meeting

Many rounds of legal and political fighting remain in the struggle against Atlantic Yards.

Find out why at our…

Community Meeting:

Update on the Struggle Against Ratner’s Atlantic Yards Project and For Sensible Development

Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn Community Meeting:

Thursday, March 13, 7pm

Hanson Place United Methodist Church. Main Sanctuary

Church Address:144 Saint Felix Street at Hanson Place

*Enter at Hanson Place [Map]

Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Subways: 2, 3, 4, 5, B, D, N, R, Q to Atlantic/Pacific

Speculation has been increasing recently that Forest City Ratner’s Atlantic Yards project could be falling prey to the triple-whammy of a slowing economy, the crisis in sub-prime mortgages and the global credit crunch. Big real estate deals all around the country are being put on hold or are being shelved altogether, and Ratner’s planned City Tech tower project, which would have been Brooklyn’s tallest building, unraveled last week. The Atlantic Yards project is turning into the deal that couldn’t get done.

All of which makes next Thursday’s community meeting even more important…

Find out the latest on the community’s fight against the destructive Atlantic Yards project, including news on the political and legal effort to stop the project. Find out how to get involved. Also, learn about the UNITY Plan, the community’s alternative plan to develop the rail yards with truly affordable housing, community-friendly open space without the abuse of eminent domain. City and State politicians will speak and be available for Q&A.

Invited Elected Officials:

Councilmember Bill DeBlasio, Councilmember Letitia James, Councilmember David Yassky, Assemblymember Jim Brennan, Assemblymember Hakeem Jeffries, Assemblymember Joan Millman, State Senator Eric Adams, State Senator Velmanette Montgomery

The meeting is open to all. Please save the date, and bring a friend.

Sponsored by:

Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn

Society for Clinton Hill

Fort Greene Association

Park Slope Neighbors

Friends and Residents of Greater Gowanus

Bears Community Garden

South Portland Block Association

SCH Meeting Recap

I’m sad to say that I arrived at the meeting late and missed the presentation on the potential food co-op (more info on this on the official site, and on Brownstoner [check out the entertaining comment thread]).  Personally, I’ve never been to the Park Slope Food Co-op.  To me, it has always sounded a little too cultish and crunchy for my taste.  Then again, I hear there are amazing deals to be had. I think if we did this up FG/CH style, it could be awesome.  Now, will someone with a membership please bring me into the PS co-op so I can see for myself what it’s really like?  Thanks.

Speaking of groceries, next on the agenda was Admiral’s Row in the Navy Yard.  I’m no expert on this, but what I gleaned is that the crumbling Admiral’s Row houses are slated to be demolished and replaced by a giant grocery store, with a parking lot for 300 cars (!!!!!).  Various presenters suggested that the parking lot be reduced to accommodate approximately 80 cars (akin to the Key Foods lot in Park Slope), and retain the old homes at the same time.  Since the supermarket is being touted as being for the benefit of public housing residents (who would WALK there), why are so many parking spaces needed?  The renovated structures could be used for anything ranging from a bakery and fish market, specialty food stores (all of which could employ local teenagers), to condos or for use as the Navy Yard museum (which is being planned currently as a new building).

Someone at the meeting suggested the city (or whoever is ultimately in charge) consider bringing a Trader Joe’s to the Navy Yard space, pointing out that it offers reasonable, high-quality food, produce and meat that the entire neighborhood desires.  I am ALL FOR THIS plan.  The city is home to far too many shitty Pathmark stores that smell like the 1970s.  Of cours, Trader Joe’s means LOTS of shoppers.  Perhaps extra bus service could be extended to the area?

Another general suggestion regarding the Navy Yard was guided tours, or ferry tours from Manhattan.  This is an interesting idea.  The Navy Yard is vast, fascinating, mysterious and full of history.  It annoys me that no one can get in just to look around.  I think, ideally, the yard should be open to the public, contain public space and offer interesting retail.  Creative reuse, people!

Moving on…

Atlantic Yards was mentioned briefly.  The bridge on Carlton Ave is slated to be closed soon for construction of the Ratner Nightmare.  This means that firetrucks will be rerouted to drive AGAINST TRAFFIC ON TWO STREETS SOUTH OF ATLANTIC.  Giant trucks hurdling the wrong way down one-way streets?!  This is a solution?!  Maybe in the ‘burbs, but jeez!  No one even pulls over for siren vehicles here!

Finally, there was talk of forming various committees to interface with local police about neighborhood issues, including crime and trucks illegally driving on several streets (Washing Ave. specifically).  The idea is that if we can present evidence that police action needs to be taken (for example, photographing and counting illegal trucks), the precinct will not be able to claim there isn’t a problem.  Also, residents were reminded to REPORT any and all crime.  I know the cops sometimes make this difficult.  One of the SCH board members explained that his car was recently broken into, and the cops wouldn’t come out until the next day to look at it.  By the time they arrived, he had moved the car due to street cleaning.  They told him that once he moved it, they couldn’t do anything about it.  Classic.

(And speaking of cops, I’ve noticed several cop cars casually breaking traffic laws — running red lights and driving the wrong way on one-way streets.  There were no sirens or high-speed chases.  They were doing it because they couldn’t be bothered to abide by regular citizens’ rules.  I’m sure this is not unique to our neighborhood, but it really pisses me off.)

The meeting moved along more smoothly than usual, although a few speakers were kind of rude when prompted that they had gone over their time.  One man actually mouthed off to the SCH officer who told him they were out of time.  I find this extremely disrespectful.  I know everyone has a lot to say, but the meetings are meant to be an overview of what’s going on in the area.  I think each issue presented should offer an email signup list, and those who are interested in discussing said issue in depth should sign up and attend a separate meeting or participate on a message board.  My advice?  Please tell us about your news, but don’t be a dick about it.  Be courteous of other speakers’ and attendees’ time!!!! Thanks!

(Special thanks to Thirst and Tamboril for the wine and appetizers!)