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Alleged Rapist Captured!

This in from Tish James’ office:


67 Hanson Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 260-9191

**For Immediate Release**
April 2, 2010

Contact:  Alfred A. Chiodo (646) 831-6895, Aja Worthy-Davis (347) 247-3600

NYPD Makes Arrest In Relation To Recent Sexual Assaults

(Brooklyn, NY)-  Council Member Letitia James commends the 79th and 88th Police Precincts on their swift arrest of the man who is believed to be responsible for two recent sexual assaults in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. The suspect was taken into police custody on Friday, April 1st.

The assaults, which took place on March 16th and March 23rd, were committed in the border area between the 79th and 88th Police Precincts. Council Member James previously called for further undercover detail and general police presence in this area.

“I applaud both the 79th and 88th precincts for their joint efforts in bringing about a speedy arrest, though I remain concerned that this individual seemed to be conscious of the gap that exists in these few blocks between Bedford-Stuyvesant and Clinton Hill,” said Council Member James. “It is clear that we must do what we can to prevent any similar occurrences, and I continue to call for more police presence throughout the district.”

Serial Rapist?

I admit I am behind on this story, but it’s worth posting to make sure everyone is extra aware of this story.  Just because it is the middle of the day, doesn’t mean one is safe from a crime.

Here is the info from Tish James’ office:

Armed Sexual Assaults Indicate Possible Serial Rapist in Central Brooklyn
(Brooklyn, NY) A man is wanted for two sexual assaults in Brooklyn, which happened near Franklin Avenue and Fulton Street.  The sketch below of the rapist was released by police.
Tuesday’s armed attack of a 42-year-old, near Franklin Avenue and Fulton Street mirrors the sexual assault that occurred on March 16 when an armed man approached a 56-year-old women. He took both of his victims to isolated areas, raped them and struck them on the head with a firearm before fleeing on foot.  This rapist attacked during the early morning hours, as well as in the late afternoon.
“In light of two recent sexual attacks that occurred in the ‘border district’ between the 79th and 88th Police Precincts, a possible gap in NYPD coverage is cause for concern.  I call for an undercover detail in that area, and well as increased early morning patrols at transit facilities, including the Franklin shuttle, and C train.  This attacker seems to be aware of the black hole in policing that exists on the edge of Clinton Hill and Bedford Stuyvesant,” said Council Member James.
Police described Tuesday’s attacker as 25 to 35; between 5-foot-8 and 5-foot-11; 160 to 180 pounds; wearing a green jacket, dark pants, and white sneakers. The cases are under investigation by Brooklyn’s Special Victims Unit.
“In light of the recent sexual assaults and muggings that have occurred over the past few weeks on our streets, the CLEXY (Classon, Lexington, and Quincy Block Association) group is urging Police Commissioner Kelly to increase the police presence in the 88th Precinct.  We are in desperate need of more foot patrol, particularly during the late night, early morning shift,” said Laura Benko, vice president of CLEXY.
Police ask that anyone with information about this incident call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). Tips can also be submitted by logging onto the Crime Stoppers website or by texting to 274637 (CRIMES) then entering TIP577.

The Shooting: Official Word from Tish James

Press Release
**For Immediate Release**              March 19, 2010

Contact: Alfred Chiodo at (718) 260-9191 
Drive by shooting in Brooklyn on Thursday spurs call for more police resources from Community and Council Member Letitia James 

Multiple shootings within the 88th Police Precinct in the last two weeks 

(Brooklyn, NY) – Two men, approximately 30 and 70 years old, were injured Thursday evening about 8:30 pm in a drive-by shooting on Clinton Avenue, between Gates and Greene Avenues.  Their injuries were not serious, and the older was an innocent victim struck by a bullet intended for the other man, in what appeared to be a drug-related shooting. 

“It is imperative that the 88th Police Precinct be declared an Impact Zone now,” said Council Member James. “There have been five shooting victims within this precinct in the last two weeks, and it is clear that more resources are needed. I call on Commissioner Kelly to respond to the critical public safety needs within the 88th Precinct immediately.” 

BREAKING: Drive By Shooting on Clinton and Greene

So I was just on my way out to Alibi, to meet Mr. Lesterhead to watch the Ohio U game, when I saw cops directing traffic off of Clinton Avenue.  I turned around and saw some flashing lights, so I took a detour.  And what I found was not good.

From what I could piece together from the witnesses on the street, a car drove by quickly and fired three shots.  A middle aged man went down, but apparently the bullet hit his wallet and he wasn’t hurt (and if so, not seriously).  When I arrived, the man was still on the ground, but was sitting up (and texting when he was on the stretcher).

Witnesses who heard and saw the shooting were shocked.  One man said, “It happened to quick, you know, and it’s so quiet around here now.  I heard the pops and I saw him laying down.”

Apparently the cops were on the scene in a flash and they were rolling out the crime scene tape when I headed back inside to post this.  (Note to self: set up WordPress iPhone app!).

The good news: the victim seemed mostly, if not completely, fine.  The bad news: who is doing a drive-by shooting at 9pm at a middle aged man walking by himself?!

PS- you heard it first on Clinton Hill Blog!

Recent Neighborhood Scam

Received this from a reader, detaining a recent scam taking place on the eastern side of the hood:

I just wanted to let you know about this scam I’ve stumbled upon in CH. A few weeks ago a friend of mine was walking around Franklin & DeKalb, and from what I understand some guy bumped into him while carrying some plastic bags. After it happened he held one of the bags up to my friend, and told him that whatever liquors bottles he’d had were now broken, and that my friend needed to pay for them. He followed my friend to his door, and some awkward standoff ensued, until a more savvy stranger intervened and told the guy “accidents happen,” at which point the person with the broken bottles left.

Last night, the same exact thing happened to me. I was walking on Franklin & Monroe, and a guy turned the corner sharply, bumped into my brother, and suddenly he was reaching down to open one of his bags. I waited until he shook the broken glass pieces, and I told him that nobody broke his bottles, and that someone tried this scam on a friend of mine weeks ago. He got very confrontational. Some kind of “almost-fight” happened, and he said something about how he works for a living, and how he was going to a New Years’ Party (apparently on the 28th). I told him “This is ridiculous. I’m leaving.” My brother paid him $2 and he walked away. Anyway, the guy is in his mid-30s, dark black, sort of thin & wiry, average height, really angular face. Hopefully the more people know about this scam, the less it will work. Oh, and we went back later to look at the “bag” he’d left on the ground, and it contained the tops to two bottles of hennessy, and the rest of the glass was literally pulverized. If anything about his story was valid, my brother would have had to’ve taken his bag and stomit for a few minutes for the glass to get so broken. Oh, and there was no liquid spilled on the sidewalk.

Have you encountered the glass bottle scammer?