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Piano Lessons on Hall Street

piano lessons

I’ve always loved this house on Hall Street, just south of Myrtle.  The windows have custom ironwork and the front walk has a trellis covered in climbing roses.

The house is home to the Clinton Hill School for Piano, run by Jim Porter.  While his website does say he teaches beginners and children, it looks to be mostly a school for advanced students.  Have you taken a lesson here? What do you think about the school’s philosophy?

Washington Avenue House

house on myrtle

I just love this house on Washington Avenue between Myrtle and Park – the weathered wood siding and the peeling teal paint on the garden level.  It’s unexpected architectural surprises like these that make the neighborhood so cool.

Anyone ever been inside?  A bit of research tells me the house has been in the same family for awhile.

Wayfinding at BAM

Noticed those green decals on the sidewalks in Fort Greene?  The DOT and BAM are behind the project, aimed at helping people find their way to our local cultural institutions.

I think they look pretty neat.  Plus, I still get confused going to the Harvey theater.  If only they could direct me to the best subway entrance for each line.  It gets so confusing down there, with the Q, N, B, D at different platforms.

Green Space at Grand – Fulton-Putnam

The intersection of Grand, Fulton and Putnam creates a small triangle with a fenced in NYC Greenspace.  I saw a few flowers amongst the overgrowth recently, but does anyone keep it up?


Has anyone ever tried to program that little space, open up the fenced in area or put some benches out?  The sidewalk (which looks great – was it redone during the Fulton repaving?) is plenty wide enough for seating.  With all of the restaurants nearby (Kush, Michael Sllen, Brown Betty, Samantha’s Southern Cuisine), it might be a nice place to grab some food to go and sit outside.

Honor System Fresh Foods

My boyfriend was on his way to the C station recently and as he headed up Franklin Ave. he saw something puzzling and, as he put it, “so f—ing cute,” near the intersection of Monroe and Franklin. Remember that old house that was profiled in the City Section of The Times a few months ago? It was the cover story, and was written by the woman who lived in the house? She found century-old objects in a tunnel underneath it? Well, now she and whoever else lives there are gardening and harvesting and selling to the neighborhood…using the honor system.
farm stand
When I went to check it out, there was no one around, just an adorable farm-stand set up, some basil and sage in water, a big bushel of light purple kale, a very large fennel stalk with a small bulb and a huge bushel of lemongrass. (It said “figs” on the sign, but I didn’t see any.) I waited around to see if a person would appear, but they didn’t. So I put a dollar in the mailbox, chose the fennel after many (what felt like minutes) of uncertainty, and hopped down the street.

I hope the experiment in community friendliness works. I watched from afar for a few minutes and I didn’t see any funny business. I didn’t see anyone buy anything either.

But I’ve got a beautiful fennel stalk with soft leaves! What will I do with it??