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Friday Links

Lots of ’em this week, since I’ve been slacking.

  • Fulton Grand Bar opening next month [Brownstoner]
  • B69 weekend service on the chopping block [My Little O] (That damn bus hardly comes anyway, which is a shame, since it could be really useful)
  • Bahn mi sandwich shop to open at Greene and Classon [Brooklyn Paper] (YUM!)
  • Anna Wintour speaks at Pratt [The Local]
  • 379 Washington Ave [Brownstoner]
  • Is Sputnik closed? [The Real Fort Greene] (bummer.)
  • Fort Greene history book coming soon [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]
  • Playground comparison [The Local] (while I don’t have little ones, I’m really into this new column that reviews local playgrounds)
  • Haunted House for sale! [Brownstoner] (This one was once featured in our old Haunted! series.)
  • CH Foodie on Poppa’s Place [CH Foodie] (I’m with him in that I was never into the fake meat of Red Bamboo!)

'Hood in the News

Links to other news stories in the neighborhood:

  • FAB offers grants to local businesses to help them with assessment cost [Brooklyn Eagle]
  • A thorough review of Kush Cafe []
  • Nero Doro’s opening noted in TimeOut [TONY]
  • CB2 seeks better bike connections through Fort Greene [Streetsblog]
  • No. 7 team to open high end sub shop in Manhattan [NYT’s Diner’s Journal]
  • Police car window shot [The Local] (someone told me that someone was shot in the buttock – or was that a separate incident?)
  • Happy 6th Birthday, Karen’s Body Beautiful! [Myrtle Minutes]
  • The Many Faces of Myrtle [Forgotten NY] (always a favorite resource for city history)

CH in the News

It’s time to check in with other local blogs and news sites to see what else is going on locally:

  • One Greene Sushi not compensating its workers [The Local] (I have never liked their sushi, personally)
  • $1 million price cut at 380 Clinton Ave [Brownstoner] (Imagine being able to make a million dollar price cut and still make a profit.)
  • Brooklyn’s most eligible bachelor lives in Clinton Hill! [Courier Life] (I snagged Bed-Stuy’s most eligible bachelor – IMHO- in September- sorry, ladies!)
  • Clinton Hill Duo competing in Olympic blogging [NBC]
  • Three luxury cars stolen from DMK Garage on Waverly [The Local] (Damn, I used to park there!  And you think your car is safer being parked inside.  Though thankfully, my inherited 10-year-old car with manual crank windows and a cassette player is far from luxury)
  • Clermont Greene cutting prices [Curbed] (I looked at some of these units with a friend a few months ago – some were very nice some were “meh.”  Nice building, though.)
  • Time Out NY’s Reasons to Love Fulton Street [TONY]
  • Choice Dumbo opens [Brownstoner] (look at all that seating!  JEALOUS.)

In the Blogs

Let’s take a look at what the other local blogs are chatting about:

  • Diamante’s cigar bar is open on South Portland, and it’s pretty cool [The Real Fort Greene] (a coworker confirms the coolness and described it as “chill” and the crowd “diverse”)
  • Where do local vendors’ Xmas trees come from? [The Local]
  • 75 Grand Ave hits the market [Brownstoner]
  • Are the Smoke Joint owners looking to expand their empire? [The Real Fort Greene]

Spread Love…

Man, I can’t believe I didn’t notice this post earlier from the Local, detailing an anti-gay church protest from a flyover state in front of Brooklyn Tech last week.  Props to the school’s students, who outnumbered them and protested their protest.  (OK, I can believe I missed it, as I was in wedding prep mode.)

Yes, we have the right to free speech here in the US of A, but I was glad to see local high schoolers making it clear that hateful intolerance is not tolerated in Brooklyn (and in our neighborhood).  My personal belief- put your energy into the positive instead of the negative.

NY Times to start Fort Greene-Clinton Hill Blog

Brownstoner’s just made the news public about the new NY Times initiative to start a series of hyper-local blogs, one of which will be set in our very own Fort Greene / Clinton Hill.

Obviously, they have the advantage of full-time manpower to cover the scoops 24-7.  However, they’re missing one key advantage that us local bloggers have: the man they’ve pegged to run the blog lives in Park Slope.

Will they be able to pick up the nuances of our ‘hood’s special character?  Maybe, maybe not.  It’ll be interesting to see how it goes and what they’ll be covering.

As the ‘Stoner said, Game On.