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33 thoughts on “Contact CHB

  1. Lauren

    Have you had any complaints from readers of your blog about the relatively new niteclub called Lox? It’s on Putnam between Grand and Cambridge and the music is unbelievably loud. Many of my neighbors on Cambridge have complained to 311 and the 88th Precinct to no avail. Anyone interested in organizing an effort to make them control the late night noise?

  2. tinarina

    I heard that the owner of the liquor store at Greene and Grand was shot in the arm around 9 pm on Wednesday night. I have not been able to find any additional info. CHB, have you heard anything?

  3. D

    I walked by Ft. Greene park at 10:45 tonight and cops were all over Washington Pk at the corner of DeKalb. The people there said that someone found a body (or part of a body) in a box. Details were sketchy.

    Anyone else know what happened?

  4. Jay

    This is a response to the question about the liquor store owner on Greene and Grand being shot last Wednesday. At about 9:00 pm a man walked in with a gun. He demanded the money from the register. When the owner reached down to open the register, the guy fired. He is ok. He was aiming for his head but the owner ducked and covered his head with his hands. He was hit in his wrist. The cops caught the guy a couple of nights later.

  5. Isabelle Kiullin

    There is construction going on at the corner of Lafayette and Franklin – where Romeo’s used to be. Any news on what that is going to become? I hope it is food and I hope it is delicious.

  6. Summer

    I just moved to the neighborhood and was wondering if you know anything about the Soup Kitchen on Washington between Fulton and Gates? It’s attached to the International Evangelist Womens Workers building, whose number was disconnected. i wondered if it was still a functioning kitchen, if so I’d ask about volunteering on Thanksgiving.


  7. K.I.M. Pilates Studio, LLC

    Please UPDATE your info. on the 1st pilates studio in clinton hill / frt greene.
    K.I.M. Pilates Studio, LLC
    NEW LOCATION / # / NEW Flyers/Brochures:
    45 Willoughby Avenue
    (b/w Adelphi & Clermont)
    Bklyn, NY 11205
    # (718) 422 – 1300Call for Studio Schedule / Hrs.
    Open Since : Sept. 2006

  8. K. Von E

    I don’t know much about the event that happened on October 13th in reference to the body found. But i did hear about it & it was said to have been a box that was there for several days everyone thought it was a Halloween prank. When they finally opened the box it was a dismembered body. The story is kept VERY quiet because they want to continue to charge a rediculous price for the apartments/houses in Fort Greene & surrounding nieghborhoods & they don’t want to discourage potential buyers/renters/development. So nevermind our safety, keep it pretty/quiet & the masses will continue to come. Sad but true.

    K. Von E

  9. Slim

    Little House on Clinton has been closed for the past month and a half or so. At first I just assumed they were on a nice long vacation. But now i’m worried… i remember the lady that runs it was saying the owner wanted to up their rent. You heard anything about what’s going on?

  10. Slim

    Hello CHB,

    Update on Little House on Clinton – I saw a ‘For Rent’ sign up on the storefront this afternoon… anyone know what happened? I LOVED this joint!

  11. Stephanie

    Hi There Clinton Hill Neighbors!

    Writing to let you know about Flatbush Farm Share, a new CSA in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn. The mission of Flatbush Farm Share is to make fresh, organic, produce available to any Brooklyn resident, regardless of economic status. We have 100 shares available for all income levels, and a generous subsidy program for low-income members.

    I know it is a little off the beaten path for Clinton Hill, but the S to the Q or B, or a fun bike ride will take you right there. We also have parking on site!

    Check out our website (, forward this message on, post about us, and / or contact us for more info…Many Thanks!

    Flatbush Farm Share, Core-Group Member

  12. Gotham Goddess

    Anyone interested in what is really going on at the B. Angel building then email us. I will get you and exclusive update. Too much bs surrounding what is happening and what is happening is something that everyone needs to know the truth about…

  13. Elissa @ Green in Bklyn

    Thank you so much for including “Green in Bklyn” on the blog!

    We’ll be opening the shop on Earth Day – April 22… Fitting for an eco-friendly home goods store!

    Please stop by & introduce yourself! We’re at 432 Myrtle Avenue (btw Clinton & Waverly Ave.)… It’s good to be home!

  14. David

    Dear CHB,

    I read that you are collecting info about musical projects. You must feel inundated by the submissions at this point, but I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity.

    I live in Ft. Greene, and record music with my roommate. Our joint recordings are not yet available, but here is a site with some recordings of mine. Feel free to post it, of course.


  15. AD

    Hello Clinton Hill residents. I am AD, and I’m a real estate agent based in Fort Greene. We’re called clinton hill RE and we are on South Oxford Street just off of Fulton. I just wanted everyone to know we are here and we are renting and selling properties in the Ft Greene, Clinton Hill, Bedford Stuyvesant and other areas in Brooklyn. We have places as low as $850 that are available now. You can call us at 718-624-9500, or stop by to take a look at our window. Thanks.

  16. Natasha Harsh

    In our 7th year and 2nd year as an official fundraiser for Ft.Greene Park- we’re featuring live music on a more intimate scale than in previous years,when the BAMLDC and the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership provided a large stage and music program close to our and GreenMarkets location. DBP’s budget is too small this year, so SPOKE,an acoustic jazz quartet has performed,4/18 right there on the DeKalb Ave. sidewalk perimeter of the Park and will be returning this Saturday,5/2. We’re looking for other musicians- interested in playing,promoting themselves and selling their CDs- so please give my contact info to any you might know-including David P.-who does seem keen on the idea of self-promotion but doesn’t publish his direct contact info on MySpace. Thanks and come on over and browse,shop and schmooze at the Artisan-Market.

  17. Melissa

    There is a rental space available at 216 Greene Ave. Located right next to Choice Greene. It’s indoor space that could be great for parties or business needs. I know people around the hill are always looking for party spaces, thought I could help!

  18. Suzette

    Afternoon to all,

    First, I’d like to express my opinion of a very nicely written and organized blog.

    Happy to have stumbled upon it.

    Been in the neighborhood of Clintonhill since 2006, after residing in a variety of neighborhoods in Manhattan for close to 20 years……and might I add, I have no intention of returning to.

    Wondering Melissa if that indoor space is on the ground level?

    Looking for a space that could be converted into an eclectic mix of art/cafe/merchandise that would be available to people in our community.

    Thank You – suzette

  19. Nancy

    Hi CHB,
    I’m wondering if there’s anything being done to help the people who lived in the building that collapsed on Myrtle on Sunday. Do you know of any fund set up to help out? Or, could one be created?

  20. erika

    Does anyone know anything about a helicopter hovering around Fulton and Washington early this morning, around 4:30 am? My husband and I live on St James Place and Fulton and were awakened by it circling over our building. I couldn’t find out anything about it anywhere on line.




  22. Hope

    There is a new acupuncture clinic in the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church.

    The practice we are building is a low cost clinic that provides acupuncture treatments in a group setting. We are 2 friend acupuncturists who believe that this ancient practice is sustainable medicine for modern times.

    We are located at 85 South Oxford Street.(inside Lafayette Presbyterian Church) between Fulton and Lafayette ave.

    Sliding scale $20 to $40.
    Hours Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-3pm.

  23. Dolores

    Just would like to warn other dog owners that frequent Fort Green Park…about 2 dogs owned by the same owner one dog a pit bull /female/white, the other mastiff mixed with /male/white (mastiff is attack trained).. On the 21st of July these two two viciously attacked our pug who is all of 22 pounds, if the parks person had not hit the mastiff over the head with a garbage can these dogs would have killed our Romeo.. The owner had these dogs leashed Yes! ,but could not and still can not control them.. So be careful and aware if these dogs come near your dog. both are vicious and dangerous and the owner can not control there actions

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