Lost Hedgehog

I get a lot of emails about lost items, animals, and the like, but for some reason this one was really touching.  And I think hedgehogs are cute.  If you see this toy hedgehog, please help return it to its owner:

My son just got back from an outing to Target where he lost/had taken a stuffed animal that was attached to the front of his scooter.  This wasn't any normal stuffed animal - this was Magical Mystery Hedgy - his stuffed hedgehog his aunt made him for his birth.  I don't know how it left the house but it did.  It was attached with a ribbon to his scooter which my mom and he left on accident at the base of the elevator bank to Target - the one that just goes to target.  When they realized that they left the scooter - five to ten mins later, they came back down and the scooter was there but the hedgehog was gone with the ribbon pooled at the base.  So, there is a possibility it fell off in that last block, but unlikely...  If anyone happened to see our little Hedgehog or accidently borrowed it, we would be very grateful for it back - no questions asked!  $50 reward!
See link for pic of Hedgy (2nd one down looks like him except our Hedgy was rainbow colored where this one is gray.)   http://giynlith.blogspot.com/2006/12/felted-hedgehog.html
Thank you!!
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