Giuseppe came home!

This is just such an incredible cat story, I have to share it. You may remember the "Have you seen Giuseppe?" post earlier this week. Well, Giuseppe didn't come home because I posted his picture on CHB, but he came back nonetheless, and this is my friend's tale of the story. Abi, fyi, is a woman who responded to an email from Amy Barta of Amy's Kitty Sitting (917-517-8912). She's my cat sitter, a wonderful one, and she forwared the missing Giuseppe message to her clients. One responded, saying she'd seen my friend's cat. So then my friend called and this is what happened... Alright, so here’s the story, not long but not short…yesterday morning I called Abi, who had sent the email.  She then sadly told me that the cat she saw the night before had been hit and killed by a car that morning.  She said she had a gut feeling that this was my cat because it fit the description perfectly.  She said it was a gruesome sight and wouldn’t recommend looking at the body because it was run over so many times that it was virtually unidentifiable.  So needless to say, I was an absolute wreck all day and unfortunately couldn’t leave the office early because of meetings. 

So I had a friend come join me after work to look at the ‘remains’.  I desperately needed closure and thought that perhaps the tail was still intact and I could see if it was him.  Once there, we couldn’t find any evidence of the body.  At this point, my friend who is full of ‘tough love’ told me that I should let it go and accept that my cat was gone.  At that very moment, we spotted a black cat across the street.  With high hopes, went to check it out.  Not Guiseppe. Alas, I sadly took myself home… trying to come to terms with my loss.  Once home, I fed Chief and then went out to feed two feral kittens my neighbor and myself have adopted out in front of my bedroom window. I decided to hang out with them until they finished eating.  One of them got spooked by someone walking by and ran around the neighbors stoop.  I walked around too because I didn’t want him to miss his supper (his brother is a big pig).  And lo and behold there was Guiseppe.  For a split second, I really thought I went crazy and was hallucinating.  But thankfully it was the real deal…he’s back and he’s staying.  It would be two weeks today that he was missing.   

Now that is a heart-warming holiday story...