Cabbie Shot

Most of you have probably already seen this, but a cab driver was shot in the face early yesterday morning at Lafayette and Franklin. Some disturbing information has been updated, including that the suspects are three young women who hopped in the taxi on Flatbush Ave in Fort Greene, and the driver may lose both of his eyes.

Robbing someone is one thing, and it's wrong.  But imagining a group of young women acting so violently, in a way that prevents the driver from returning to his livelihood, really disgusts me.  What the fuck goes through people's heads?  It is worth a few bucks to ruin someone's life?

I try to stay neutral here in this space, but I just feel so bad that someone in our community did something like this to an innocent person.

(Also, can't find a single piece of info in the news about the shooting on Myrtle and Washington Pk!)


ABC News