Fulton Rising?

A few weeks ago, a reader emailed to tell me there was a new coffee shop on Fulton about a block from Outpost.  When I went looking, though, I couldn't find it!  Maybe that's because I was looking east, instead of west. Brownstoner posted about Desserts by Michael Allen last week, and this must be the place the reader was talking about.  It's at 1015 Fulton, between Downing and Grand.

michael allen desserts

I made it my first stop on a walking/photo trip Sunday afternoon, and it was absolutely wonderful. The woman behind the counter couldn't have been friendlier, and the interior is warm and inviting.  I met owner Michael Allen, too.

friendliest service ever!

michael allen

The blackboard menus were announcing that holiday catering orders are being taken now, and they had some wonderful gingerbread houses on display.

I took a custard cup and a mini-cheese cake to go (the cake was AMAZING).

tiny cakes

Also received these comments from a reader, which I thought I'd share:

"The mini (gratis) madeleines were yummy (and I'm not a huge madeleine fan) and the eclair - was one of the tastiest I've had anywhere. The croissants (plain and chocolate) looked perfect (will have to try them, um tomorrow!) and they also had soups."