More Contributors!

And another batch of new CHB folk! The Clinton Hillbillies, presenting "Turf Wars" a series of food fights pitting pairs of local businesses against each other: Elmer and Ida Mae moved to Clinton Hill from North Carolina in August of 2007. Back in Cackilacky, they were just humble bait farmers for local crappy fishermen (the fish were crappy, not the fishermen). One day by accident, they happened to dump a pile of rotten tobacco leaves in with the Red Wigglers, making them 73% more wiggly. One patent and 2 years later, they sold the farm to Pfizer and moved to Brooklyn.

FiftyFifty_g, writing on the local music scene and more: Gina moved to the hood in fall of 2007 and loves it so much she can't imagine living anywhere else. She's in an indie rock band called Palmyra ( by night and works as an editor at an online book retailer by day. She recently started putting on small acoustic house shows in her basement. She also has a music blog called One Sweet Song (, which was just announced as a finalist for a Bloggie.

Georgia Kral, contributing her observations on the neighborhood: a freelance reporter/writer/photographer in Clinton Hill. She writes for The New York Times, and the NY Press and works part-time at On The Issues Magazine twittering, MySpace and Facebooking and writing. Georgia has a Master's in Journalism from CUNY. She lived in both Williamsburg (ugh) and Red Hook (yay!) prior to coming to Clinton Hill.