Waverly Avenue

intersectionOne of my favorite things about Clinton Hill is the variety -- people, places and things. I have two favorite streets in the 'nabe. One of them is Waverly Ave.

Back in the old days, the small buildings on Waverly served as carriage houses for the mansions on Clinton and Washington. Today, many of them have been turned into interesting homes.

Of course, it's not all clean and gentrified. There are still a fair amount of crumbling structures with plenty of potential. Plus, I've never seen a street with more un-picked-up dog shit.

Still, if I had the cash, I'd jump on something here, gut renovate it and make it a unique home.

Waverly up north lies beneath the BQE. towards navy yard

Not everything is pretty. For example, this "interesting" ornamentation: whiiiite

However, there are several gorgeous homes here: renovated carriage houses favorite door unique carriage house

Really, Waverly has a lot of what exemplified the neighborhood: character. bathtub planter beware geraniums, window box

Sometimes decay can be beautiful, if you look at it the right way: forgotten storefront garbage could someday be a store

Old and new juxtaposed: forgotten and remembered

I love to look at all of the garages, and wish I could magically inherit one. It's great to see garages marked "active driveway," yet be completely blocked by 10-year-old weed growth. pigeons

Hopefully, the abandoned weedy lots will someday be community green space: through the fence