On My Way to the Park

OK, this is Ft Greene fodder, but chances are you have the same questions. Most days, I walk my dog Marshmallow to Fort Greene Park.

1. I used to like to take Lafayette to Cumberland and then cut north to FG Park. I liked this route because I would pass a magnificent garden on the east side of the street the width of a house. Now that's being turned into luxury condos, but out of habit I still walk that way.

As soon as I turn right on Cumberland, I always pass this car service:


I am completely convinced this storefront is a front for something else. I mean, it looks like there are lights on inside, and it's never gated up. But have you ever seen anyone go in and out, or see towncars parked outside? Have you ever known anyone to take this car service? As the neighborhood continues to come up, this weird business seems more and more out of place.

Out of curiosity, I called them.

There was no answer at the first number.

The second one went straight to a voicemail. I'm sorry, but this is NOT a legit car service.

2. Change is afoot on DeKalb Avenue. Liquors is still closed, and the shoe repair place next door has become a cute-looking children's clothing store (Beezu?). On the block just east of the park, two storefronts have been under construction for months. One is slated to be a wine shop, while the other will be an organic juice bar!

100_1663.jpg I could have sworn this sign used to say "this spring." And even so, summer's half over. Open your damn juice bar already! I have high hopes for this place. I'm hoping it's nicely designed.