100_1707.jpg I was very sad to see Brother's Hardware go. It was local, with a friendly staff, and also enormous. No Home Depot, mind you, but perfect for all basic hardware needs, plus roach and ant baits (ew, yes, I need them).

The building's been empty for awhile, and it seems work's been going on inside. Construction permits reveal nothing. Jay bets it's a restaurant or bar, while Marina guesses coffee-shop-type-place.

Me? I'm not sure. It seems awfully big for a bar or coffee shop, or even a restaurant. What do we need the most?

  1. Book store (maybe selling a new-used combo? mmmm...)
  2. Flower shop/gardening center
  3. Clothing boutique (especially since Sodafine's moving to the 'Burg)
  4. Straightforward, good Italian restaurant
  5. Greek food
  6. Modern home furnishings store

What are you hoping for?