FINALLY - Cool Oddities in the Hood

creepy doll heads repop window BrooklynJay tipped me off to a postcard he found at Zaytoons for a new store called Repop.

Via the website, the place looked amazing -- the perfect place for picking up some random trinkets and vintage housewares. It looks like the kind of place only available in East Williamsburg. Not anymore! Yessssssss...

As discussed earlier, this place is technically NOT part of Clinton Hill. I suppose it would be considered Wallabout or Navy Yard. Either way, it's close enough to call our own. (Look for a post soon about that whole area between the BQE and the Navy Yard. The whole area is ripe for cool scenes like Repop!)

Partners/owners Russell and Carl moved to the neighborhood from Kansas City, where they worked for and owned similar shops. Repop, which just opened in mid-July, is eventually slated to become part bar, allowing patrons to shop while they drink. The shop is so great right now on its own that I hope they expand to a space next door for the bar. buttons! Repop is the type of place you could spend hours in, literally discovering something new each time you turn around. Items big and small are packed in -- from furniture to dishes to buttons to ancient doll heads and dismembered doll parts, not to mention vintage frocks and owl-feather hats, plus religious statues.

Inventory is changing constantly. Best of all, the guys are super honest. BrooklynJay found a valuable camera for $20. When he politely informed Russell that the camera was worth a few hundred bucks, Russel shrugged and said, "Yeah. We only mark up 10-20% of what we pay for the goods." ancient mirror The owners have a keen sense of humor as well. The back of the store features a small wall display unit filled with old Fisher-Price little people (you know, the smaller, swallowable ones from our youth, as opposed to the gigantic ones in stores now). You can't pass something without a chuckle. little people!

Repop 68 Washington Avenue Bkln, NY 11205 718-260-8032 Wed-Sun, 11am-7pm