Polish Bar Brooklyn: The Review

The new chi-chi nail salon on Myrtle is OPEN. I had the day off on Friday, so it was the perfect time to check things out

I know I said I'd probably stick to Charming Nail on Waverly, but I may have changed my mind. PBB is absolutely gorgeous inside, complete with antique ceilings. The staff is awesome, and English-speaking. Price-wise, it's very reasonable. Mani-pedi combo is $30, plus an extra dollar for a nail kit that you keep and bring back with you.

The cleanliness is truly astounding. The technician opened a brand-new set of metal tools for cuticle pushing and cutting, and I saw another scrubbing down a pedi tub with bleach.

The atmosphere is relaxed, so don't expect to rush in and out like at a cheapo nail place. Also, make an appointment! Walk-ins are welcome, but you may have to wait awhile.

(Not that I mind a non-English speaking nail person, but I happen to have very ticklish feet, and it's nice to warn the technician before she starts scrubbing your foot and you jerk it away in a fit of giggles, frightening the crap out of her because she had no idea what you were saying.)

The bar offers several fun party packages as well, which include cocktails, snacks and makeup application. Fun! Clean! Go!

Read more about Polish Bar Brooklyn here.

Polish Bar of Brooklyn 470 Myrtle Ave @ Washington Bkln, NY 11205 718.622.5363 www.polishbarbrooklyn.com