Neighborhood Wishlist

As the area gets better and more and more residential developments are being built, I still feel that Clinton Hill is missing a few good quality shops and services. So here's my wishlist for the neighborhood:

  • a good dry cleaner
  • a CVS
  • a Trader Joe's or a Wholefoods

I know there's a couple of small pharmacies and there's Karrots for natural goods but it's still not quite the same.

So what's on your wishlist for the Neighborhood?

[lesterhead's wishlist, in addition to the above:

  • used book store
  • garden shop
  • upscale florist/flower shop
  • most of all: BICYCLE SHOP. Ever seen the lines at the Prospect Hts shop on Vanderbilt for spring tuneups? This would make a real killing.
  • hip hair salon
  • Goldie + Mac store]