The Swine of the Hill

photo by trippyswell

Last summer, a friend staying with me for part of the summer called me frantically while I was at work.

"Um, I think I just saw a pig? On a leash? Being walked like a dog? Outside your building?"

He asked, rather than told, in case he may have been hallucinating. That was the first I'd heard of the pig.

Since then, I've heard a few more reports. Recently, a neighbor and friend of mine caught pig and owner in the street and snapped the above picture.

At this point, the pig seems like the Loch Ness Monster -- more legend than anything else. Then again, the photographic evidence speaks well for its existence. I'd like to see the neighborhood pig with my own eyes.

Here are some of the rumors I have heard:

  • Pig and owners live near the FG/CH border
  • Pig owner is in the band Fiery Furnaces

Then, there's this article - how have I never seen this?

Any of you ever seen, petted or played with the neighborhood pig? Can the pig go off-leash in Fort Greene Park? What is the pig's name? Does it come when called?

Better yet, are you the owners of the neighborhood pig? If so, contact us and we'll do a little interview/feature!